A List of Ice, Snow Tourism Activities to be Launched

Updated : 2020-01-08Source : CCFAO
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Since the opening of the 23rd Ice and Snow Festival, some key ice and snow products have been opened one after another to the visitors. According to the news released at the Press Conference on Spring Festival Activities on January 3, more wonderful cultural, ice and snow activities will be launched in Changchun City.  


The Changchun 2020 Jingyue Lake Vasaloppet International Skiing Festival will be held at the Jingyue Lake National Forest Park on January 4. A new event of “World Classic Skiing Challenge in China” will get integrated into this year’s festival. The Changchun 2020 Snowfield Competition will be held at the Jingyue Lake National Forest Park on January 5 on which the participants can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Jingyue Lake while having fun in ice and snow hiking. The 2020 Changchun International Ice and Snow Marathon will be held at the Jingyue Lake National Forest Park on January 12 which will attract different groups of participants including 50 from Russia to compete. The 4th Anniversary Cultural Fair at Bashu Yingxiang is said to last until January 22. The 2020 China-Changchun Annual Expo will be held at the Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center from January 11 to 22. 


In line with the “Ice/Snow Culture Tourism”, “Ice and Snow Sports”, “Ice and Snow Research”, “Ice and Snow Business” and “Ice and Snow Experience”, a series of cultural, ice and snow activities including Ice and Snow Acrobatics “Ice and Snow Home”, “New Year Concert 2020”, “Happy Lantern Festival Concert”, “Greeting Performance for Two Festivals” and Spring Festival Yangko Competition as well as some cultural and artistic performances including “Reading” for People’s Benefits of Changchun Library, ”Go for Fragrance of Books” of Children’s Library of Changchun City, and Drama Series will be organized. For ice and snow sport, 11 athletic events such as FIS Aerial Freestyle Skiing World Cup, Short Track Speed Skating World Cup, and 18 events for public participation including Snow Battle, Ice Hockey, and Speed Skating will be organized. For ice and snow research and business, “Ice and Snow Games for One Million Students” will expanded and deepened, and 12 business and trade activities including the 11th Jilin (Winter Season) Agriculture Expo & Jingyue Lake Spring Festival Shopping Fair, Trip of Business Talks for Famous Entrepreneurs to Changchun City will be held. In addition, 23 activities for ice and snow experience including Ice Sport Games, Ice and Snow Carnival for Families, Ice and Snow Hot Spring Health Preservation Festival, and Eating and Drinking “Out of Snow” Competition will be held at different ice and snow scenic areas of Changchun City.