Night Sky Visual Feast Brought by 2,022 UAVs

Updated : 2022-08-26Source : CCFAO
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"Spectacular", "wonderful", "thrilling".......On the evening of August 25, as one of the highlights of the "2022 Air Force Aviation Open Event and Changchun Air Show", a group show brought by 2,022 UAVs kicked off. With staggered formation, magic lights and beautiful melody, the UAVs hovered over Changchun Friendship Park for a long time, providing the audience with a wonderful and shocking technological and visual feast in the night sky.

At about 20 o'clock on the same day, with the exciting melody, 2,022 UAVs rose into the air in an orderly manner against the colorful lights, like meteors flying all over the sky, making people feel as if they were in the shooting scene of science fiction movies.

"so lively, so wonderful. Look, it's a Hongqi car! That's the old Changchun Film Studio! And that's our Jingyuetan Park!" With the exclamations of the visitors, the theme pattern of "six cities linkage" composed of 2022 UAVs was amazing. The pictures of the International Automobile City, the Modern Agriculture City, the "Double Carbon" Demonstration City, the Science and Technology Innovation City, the Emerging Consumption City, and the Cultural and Creative City were presented one by one in the changes of the formation and lighting of 2022 UAVs, depicting a grand spectacle in the sky.

Theme pictures such as "2022 Air Force Aviation Open Event and Changchun Air Show" and "The 2nd China Civil UAS Development International Forum" also reflected the infinite glory of Changchun, a charming city. In particular, when the last picture of the UAV lighting group show "Changchun-Thank you" appeared in the night sky, thunderous applause sounded at the scene, which also ignited the enthusiasm of the citizens to love their motherland and hometown.

"In this show, we dispatched a team of 100 people and carefully prepared for nearly two months". According to the introduction by Hu Song, the person in charge of the performance technology, they used the world's advanced UAV technologies that all UAVs can be controlled by a computer and fly according to the established choreography. The UAVs are positioned by centimeter-level RTK (Real Time Kinematic) to ensure accuracy.

The group show of the 2022 UAVs lasted for 3 days. In addition to the warm-up on the evening of the 24th and the official performance on the evening of the 25th, there was also a wonderful performance on the evening of the 26th.