Changchun Film Festival

Updated : 2019-01-29Source : CCFAO
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Initiated in 1992 with the approval of the State Council of China, the Changchun Film Festival is a biennial international film festival recognized by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations. The principle of the festival is friendship, exchange and development. Till now, eight editions have been staged successfully. Through fair and justice appraisal of films and such activities as exhibition of Chinese and foreign language films, the trade fair of films and scripts, a review exhibition of renowned artists, seminars and celebration parties, an exchange platform for the Chinese films has been established. It’s been considered as an important role player in strengthening the exchanges of film culture at home and abroad, and accelerating the construction of economy and culture and development of the society.

The Changchun Film Festival is sponsored by the Ministry of Broadcasting, Film and Television of China, Jilin Provincial People’s Government, and Changchun Municipal People’s Government, and was organized by Changchun Municipal People’s Government, the Film Enterprise Bureau of the Ministry of Broadcasting, Film and Television, Jilin Cultural Center, China Film Publishing, Distribution, Importing and Exporting Corporation, China Film Co-production Corporation, and Changchun Film Studio.

With a spreading influence, the Changchun Film Festival has effectively promoted the local cultural development, the development of China's film industry, and the exchange of film culture between China and other countries.

The awards are presented to the winners include: the Best Chinese Story Award (including jointly-filmed movies, the Best Foreign Language Story Award, the Outstanding Chinese Story Award, the Outstanding Foreign Language Story Award, Best Screenplay, the Best Director, the Best Actor, the Best Actress, the Best Supporting Actor, the Best Supporting Actress. For the winners, the “Gold Deer Cup” will be rewarded to each of them. One or three films will be nominated each award. In addition, the Special Jury Prize may also be made possible under certain conditions.