2020·CAETDZ--Ditong Construction Group Changchun Welding Factory

Updated : 2020-03-16Source : CCFAO
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Project Name: DIT Group Changchun Welding Factory 


Project Location: Changchun Automobile Economic and Technological Development Zone 


Investment Attraction Direction: Auto and Auto Parts 


Project Progress: DIT HOLDING is a supplier of FAW Car Co., Lt. According to the planned production capacity, it will supply a maximum of 60,000 sets of car body parts in 2020, with an output value of RMB120 million. DIT HOLDING has established a stamping factory in Zhangjiakou in North China. It has planned to build a welding factory in Changchun City. The first phase of the project is to lease a factory building of 6,000 square meters. Active efforts have been put into connecting with and following up the project. An inspection visit has been planned after the epidemic. 


Intended Amount of Investment Attraction: RMB200 million  


Contact Person: CHEN Xinran 


Contact Number: 81501795