Eurasian Assembly-Chaoyang District

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Project name

Eurasian Assembly

About the project

Affiliated to Eurasia Shopping Mall, Eurasian Assembly Project is a key modern service industry in Jilin Province. Occupying about one square kilometer, it starts from Kaiyun Street in the north to Guanggu Street in the south and from Feiyue Road in the west to Middle Feiyue Road in the east. The project mainly contains characteristic catering, large-scale indoor amusement park, Fantastic Water World, Ice and Snow World, Exhibition Center, Folk Culture Village, Four Seasons Pavilion, competition field, theater, five-star hotel, duty-free shop, international procurement platform and Outlets, which makes it a distinctive modern service industry cluster. It is expected to take ten years to complete the construction of the project that will have a significant influence at home and abroad and stimulate the economic development of the province and its cities, thus it is not only a benefit to contemporary people but also a great wealth to future generations.

Total investment

(RMB 100 million)





(RMB 100 million)


Cooperation format


Economic return


Covering a building area of 151,000 square meters, Eurasian Assembly Phase I Project is anticipated to achieve a sales amount of RMB 3 billion including an annual tax of nearly RMB 100 million and to provide 10,000 jobs after completion.

Main product usage

After completion, the project will become a landmark recreational center in Changchun to meet consumer demands for leisure, entertainment, shopping and experience.

Market potential


After being put into operation, Eurasian Assembly will gain a sales amount of RMB 100 billion and an annual tax of RMB 2.5 billion and to provide 60,000 jobs. Besides, it will boost the development of peripheral industries such as transportation, logistics, real estate, finance and tourism.

Construction progress of the project

Phase I construction of the project is to be completed in August 2017.

Contact organization

Changchun Eurasia Shopping Mall



Contact person

Li Ying




Postal code



No. 5178, Kaiyun Street, Chaoyang District, Changchun