International Auto Expo

Updated : 2019-01-29Source : CCFAO
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China (Changchun) International Auto Expo is scheduled to be held at Changchun International Conference & Exhibition Center every year. This Expo is composed of exhibition, forum and celebration three parts. 
I Auto Show 
After 18 years and 13 sessions of hard work, Changchun Auto Expo now has an exhibition area of over 220,000 square meters, has displayed more than 1,300 vehicles, and succeeded in getting into one of the largest five auto shows in China. The success of the Auto Expo can not only strengthen the city's auto industry cooperation, promote automotive technology exchange, build car city culture, play important promoting role, but also bring great economic and social benefits to the city. In the last year's Auto Expo, the visitors reached 684,000 persons, 29,432 vehicles were sold, and the transaction volume reached RMB 5.886 billion. The Expo played a positive role in promoting the destocking and consumption of the city's auto market. 
This Auto Expo will be hosted by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Society of Automotive Engineers of China, China Automobile Dealers Association, Changchun CCPIT, organized by Changchun Bairui International Exhibition Group, and specially supported by the China Council of the Promotion of International Trade, Automotive Sub Council. The theme of this Auto Expo is "Intelligence · Meet the Future". The aim is "leading the future of auto industry, showing auto culture, promoting auto consumption, and driving economic growth". A series of colorful supporting activities, including exhibitors move-in ceremony, brand carnival night, new car release conference, new car off-line and auto forums, will also be held during the Expo. 
At present, the exhibitors invitation work has been completed, while the other preparatory work is also carried out in an orderly manner on the whole. This Auto Expo has the following characteristics: 
Firstly, the exhibition scale and exhibitors' brands achieve the best level ever. The total exhibition area of this Auto Expo is 220,000 square meters, achieved historical breakthrough. With 139 exhibitors and over 1,300 vehicles to be displayed, a brand new exhibition pattern composed of ten indoor pavilions and eight outdoor exhibition areas is formed. Several brands like Russia UAZ, WEY and Hanteng will attend the Expo for the first time. Exhibition area of well-known auto enterprises, including Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Ford, FAW, Baic Motor and Changcheng, will be greatly increased at this Expo. 
Secondly, new energy, new power, smart Internet of Things vehicle are the main themes of the Auto Expo. The number of new energy, new power and smart Internet of Things automobiles to be displayed at this Auto Expo reaches hundreds, increasing by 20% compared with the last session, achieving a new high, which has highlighted the theme idea "Intelligence · Meet the Future" of this Auto Expo. 
Thirdly, the level of internationalization is further improved, and the overall level of the Auto Expo is upgraded. Well-known brands of Germany, USA, Japan, France, Korea, etc., will gather in Changchun, and all of them will attend the Expo in the form of group. Meanwhile, super luxury car brand like Maserati, Bentley, Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini will also attend the Expo. In addition, various auto exhibitors will be the Auto Expo in an exhibition arranging pattern of international A-class auto show. 
Fourthly, domestic brands achieve unprecedented scale, shouldering the flag of prospering of Chinese national auto industry. FAW, Baic Motor, Geely, BYD, Brilliance Auto, Chery, SAIC, Changan, Dongfeng and other Chinese auto brands will attend the Expo as well with their strongest lineup. Among them, FAW Group and Baic Group will exhibit their products by renting whole pavilions, and BMW, Geely, BYD, Chery, etc., will build luxury booth of more than 2,000 square meters to show their style as independent brands. 
Fifthly, supporting activities are rich and colorful, the masses participation has a wider range. At this Expo, no matter the exhibitors move-in ceremony, or the "brand carnival night", auto baby selection, traffic police move-in, etc., all emphasizes on mass participation and aims to set off the complex of the people in the car city to automobiles and enhance the happiness of mass through holding rich and colorful culture activities. 
Sixthly, established a civilized auto show image, and comprehensively upgrade people-oriented service. This Auto Expo will focus on establishing a civilized auto show image and upgrading people-oriented service. The first is to publish auto expo civilization norms, spare no effort to create an elegant, civilized, quiet and tidy exhibition environment, and comprehensively improve the influence and reputation of Changchun Auto Expo; the second is to open the network document transaction, on-line ticket booking and other E-ticket functions, so as to provide convenience for exhibitors and visitors; the third is to add public service points at the exhibition site which will provide left luggage, lost and found, infant & mom rest space, free drinking water, search notices, medical treatment and other services for visitors; the forth is to add public traffic vehicles to facilitate visiting of mass citizens; the fifth is to set news center to serve for domestic and foreign media reporters. 
Seventhly, careful organization and thorough deployment can ensure the smooth undergoing of the Auto Expo. Safety is the top priority among all work. All responsible departments will go all out to carefully organize the Expo, and mainly achieve the following "six ensurances". First is to ensure security. Through security emergency plan has been made, in which, thoughtful arrangement has been made for all links of Expo security, especially for anti-terrorism and anti-explosion. During the Expo, large quantities of police force will be transferred to the exhibition site, artistic performance venues, hotels, vital communication lines and other important areas to conduct 24-hour public security patrol to these areas, so as to prevent emergencies and ensure safety of exhibitors and visitors. Second is to ensure fire protection and electrical safety. Fire department will get involved during the whole process of the Expo since the exhibition arranging period to strictly hold the fire safety pass. During the Expo, special personnel will be arranged to conduct 24-hour uninterrupted patrol. Third is to ensure traffic safety. Traffic police departments have developed on-site traffic control programs and contingency plans. The city's bus department has also developed a bus line adjustment operation program, and special personnel will be arranged to disperse the traffic in key road sections, so as to prevent congestion and ensure smooth traffic. Fourth is to ensure food sanitation and safety. Food safety departments will carry out uninterrupted inspection to the relevant hotels and the exhibition site to ensure food safety; health department will send ambulances (dial 120) to station at the exhibition center to ensure on-site emergency medical treatment and emergency treatment; epidemic prevention department has also developed corresponding contingency plans. Fifth is to ensure a tidy city appearance. The city sanitation sector has mainly carried out comprehensive improvement for outdoor advertising plaques, illegal advertising, illegal road occupation, etc., strengthened the management over exhibition site and its surroundings, so as to ensure a clean and beautiful city appearance. Sixth is to ensure communication security. The provincial communication authority has developed a careful public communications network emergency disposal plan to ensure smooth communication. 
II Auto Forums 
"Intelligence · Meet the Future" High-end Forum on China (Northern) Auto Industrial Trend. The "Intelligence · Meet the Future" China Auto Industrial Trend Forum themed as "new energy, new technology, new trend and new growth" and co-sponsored by the China Automotive Industry Association, Society of Automotive Engineers of China, China Automobile Dealers Association and Changchun CCPIT will be held at the Changchun International Conference Center on July 14. About 300-400 persons, including officers of relevant national ministries and commissions, senior executives of domestic and foreign complete vehicle enterprises, senior management personnel of enterprises in automotive-related industries, senior executives of Internet enterprises, senior executives of investment and financing institutions, experts and scholars from investment well-known domestic and foreign consulting research institutions, research institutions, representatives of domestic and foreign automobile associations, operation responsible persons of smart cities, senior executives of mainstream medias, etc., will be invited to attend the Forum. This will be an important grand ideological meeting for Made-in-China to connect with the world's automotive industry. It will also become a communication platform between government departments and automobile enterprises, an exchange platform for the whole auto industry chain, and a docking platform among enterprises in automotive-related industries, the Internet and investment and financing institutions. 
III Automobile Festival 
Changchun Automobile Festival is organized by the Changchun Automobile Economic and Technical Development Zone. This session of Automobile Festival will be held. A series of activities for celebrating anniversary of the founding of FAW factory will be held during the Festival, including historical relics picture show, "FAW Dream" photo exhibition. In addition a series of activities relating to the common people and employees, such as community artistic performance, auto industry professional skills competition, nationwide fitness campaign, etc., will also be held.