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Introduction of Mora
Located adjacently to the bank of Siljan Lake in the north of Dalarnas, Mora is the most famous city in Sweden. But, what makes it different? To put it simply, it is the people of Mora and their stories. Nearly all Swedish know Gustav Vasa and how the people of Mora helped him fight against the Danish King 400 years ago. It is the origin of Vasaloppet International Skiing Festival, one of the large scale sports events in Sweden, which starts in Mora, usually falling on the first Sunday of March, and ends in Mora as well.

Officials Visits between Changchun and Mora
1. On November 6, 2003, a 4-member delegation led by Mr. Zhu Yejing, mayor of Changchun, paid a good-will visit to Mora. The two sides held talks and agreed to establish long-term friendly and cooperative relations in the fields of culture, sport, tourism and trade and so on.

2. On January 1 to 5, 2004, an 11-member delegation led by the mayor of Mora arrived in Changchun to attend the Ice and Snow Festival. Mr. Zhu Yejing met the delegation upon their arrival in Changchun. On January 4, a project-matching conference was held and two sides signed the Agreement of Establishing All-round Cooperative Partnership.

3. In March 2004, Ms. An Li, vice mayor of Changchun, attended the Mora Vasaloppet.

4. In January 2005, Changchun and Mora officially signed the Sister City Agreement

5. On December 30, 2005, a 4-member delegation led by the mayor of Mora attended the Ice and Snow Festival held in Changchun. Mr. Zhu Yejing, mayor of Changchun, held a reception party for the delegation.

6. In March 2006, Mr. Zhu Yejing attended the Mora Vasaloppet.