2020 Sculpture Commission Goes to Kathleen Caricof

Updated : 2020-05-25Source : www.littlerock.gov
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Kathleen Caricof was named as the recipient of the $60,000 2020 Sculpture at the River Market Public Monument commission. The name of her sculpture is Synergy. It will be installed in spring 2021 near the entrance of the West Central Community Center located at 8616 Colonel Glenn Road and John Barrow Road.

Caricof’s brushed metal piece will stand 20 feet high, be 12 feet wide, and 10 feet deep. It has two large curved metal ribbons which swoop toward each other before splitting off toward the top.  In submitting the proposal, she said, “The West Central Community Center is a place where people come and go on an everyday basis to enjoy everything the center has to offer.  The inspiration for this sculpture is to express the motion of the activities which take place in the Center and the connection it makes among community members. Designed with energy, this tall metal sculpture shows the excitement of the expression of motion. These forms, as simple as they might look, depict the complex movements of athletes and the togetherness of a lively community.