Youth New E-commerce Innovation and Development Forum & 5th Jilin Province Youth E-commerce Talent Training Camp opens in Changchun

Updated : 2023-03-17Source : Jilin Daily
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Recently, the Youth New E-commerce Innovation and Development Forum & 5th Jilin Province Youth E-commerce Talent Training Camp opened in Changchun. The event was jointly hosted by the Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, the Provincial Department of Commerce and the Provincial Administration for Rural Revitalization, and organized by the Jilin Youth E-commerce Association.

The event released the "吉青严选" brand upgrading plan for rural revitalization, held the signing ceremony of the establishment of logistics consortia, invited a number of young e-commerce mentors, interpreted the financial policies issued by Bank of Jilin to help youth e-commerce give a boost to rural areas, and launched the youth e-commerce talent training project.

The "吉青严选" brand upgrading plan will integrate the province's youth e-commerce resources, select high-quality agricultural products, improve the talent, supply, sales and logistics chains, provide entrepreneurial guidance, financial support, fiscal and taxation consultation services, strive to reshape the traditional e-commerce link, promote the development of product efficiency, industrial clusters, platform scale, market globalization and operation capitalization, and foster a comprehensive and high-efficient youth e-commerce ecosystem in the province. The youth e-commerce talent training project, with the focus of boosting the province's strength in agriculture, advancing rural revitalization, displaying and selling agricultural products, will give full play to the role of the Jilin Youth E-commerce Association, further release the efficiency of platforms for youth e-commerce talent exchanges, set up training and service systems for youth e-commerce talents, and perfect work mechanisms at the provincial, municipal (prefecture) and county (district) levels. The project plans to cultivate at least 1,000 outstanding youth e-commerce talents in two years to revitalize rural areas.

The Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League will continue to uphold the principles of serving the youth, revitalizing rural areas, developing new business forms and acting on concepts, strive to promote the development of traditional industries with new technologies, new forces and new forms of e-commerce, nurture more e-commerce professionals and entrepreneurship leaders, and contribute youth e-commerce power to the comprehensive revitalization of the province in the process of Chinese modernization.