Changchun Introduces Housing Subsidy Policy for Farmers and Talents Coming to (Settling in) the City

Updated : 2022-08-19Source : CCFAO
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To implement the proposal of "guaranteeing employment, people's livelihood and market entities" raised by CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and Jilin Provincial People's Government, Changchun Housing Security and Housing Administration issued a housing subsidy policy on August 11 for farmers and talents coming to (settling in) Changchun by granting an allowance of 200 yuan/m2 for purchase of specified new commodity housing.

The housing subsidy policy is applicable to farmers and graduates with a college degree or above, people with middle-level professional and technical titles or above, senior workers and those with higher professional certificates coming to (settling in) Changchun. Applicants can enjoy the preferential policy if they sign a formal commercial housing sale and purchase contract with a real estate developer between August 1 and October 8, 2022, in the urban areas and development zones of Changchun, excluding Shuangyang District, Jiutai District and counties (county-level cities), with a floor area of 90 m2 or less. It is limited to newly built commercial housing instead of non-residential buildings, such as business and office buildings, villas, indemnificatory housing and resale housing, and the properties bought must be the applicant's first and only housing in the city.