Jilin Health Commission’s Updates on Coronavirus Epidemic

Updated : 2021-02-01Source : Jilin Report
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There were 4 increases in local confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Jilin Province (1 in Changchun city, 3 in Tonghua city) on January 31st. The cases were identified from active testing among those isolating for medical observation. Among the previously-reported asymptomatic cases isolating for medical observation at designated medical institutions, 5 (in Tonghua city) became confirmed cases for Coronavirus. 1 suspicious case reported in Changchun city on January 29th was confirmed for Coronavirus. 9 confirmed cases reported in Tonghua city met the discharge criteria and released from hospital.  


As of 24:00 on January 31st, 350 confirmed cases were hospitalized in the province (99 in Changchun city, 247 in Tonghua city, 4 in Songyuan city). Among these cases, 8 are in critical condition, 27 in severe condition, 234 in ordinary condition and 81 in mild condition. There are 16 reported asymptomatic cases (5 in Changchun city and 11 in Tonghua city).  


To remind the general public, if you are coming to Jilin or returning from an epidemic area in Heilongjiang Province or a medium-and high-risk epidemic area in China, or if you were in contact with the above confirmed cases or asymptomatic cases, you are asked to take the initiative to report to the local community (village) administration and at the same time, to cooperate with the epidemic control and nucleic acid testing. In order to reduce the risk of epidemic transmission, everyone should not gather, pay attention to hygiene, wear masks and maintain a safe social distancing. If having acute respiratory symptoms such as fever and cough, please wear a medical mask and go to the fever clinic of the local designated medical institution in time.  



Source: Jilin Report