“Four Plates” Lead to New Era of High-quality Development of Changchun City

Updated : 2021-01-08Source : CCFAO
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Since the Overall Plan of “Four Major Plates” for High-quality Development of Changchun City was unveiled, a good situation of diversified spotlights at high startup positions has been presented, making the construction of the four plates a priority for Changchun City to lead the development in Northeast China and support that of the whole province.

Changchun International Automobile Town lives up to the expectations of the public—Under the leadership of FAW, Changchun Automobile Development Zone made a total output value of RMB342.7 billion for automobile industry in the first three quarters of 2020, a year-on-year increase of 16.8%, ranking in a leading position among the development zones of the kind in China.

Changchun National Regional Innovation Center switches to high gear for industrial transformation and upgrading—A list of 203 investment attraction projects got settled, and the construction of Changchun New Area “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” Demonstration Base was praised by the State Council.

Changchun International Film Town is under rapid development—It took only five months from planning to construction. More than 100 new projects have been ushered in, and three pillar industries film, television, culture and tourism, life and health, and digital economy are developing rapidly.

China (Changchun)-ROK International Cooperation Demonstration Zone enters the stage of all-round construction—On the unveiling day for China (Changchun)-ROK International Cooperation Demonstration Zone, a ceremony for signing of 36 projects online was organized.

The “four plates” are bringing about a new era of high-quality development for Changchun City.

Three “Leads” Drive Changchun’s Economic Development

The goal of “encouraging key regional plates to take the lead in making breakthroughs and accelerating development and striving to build an intensive, efficient development pattern with complementary advantages and promoted in coordinated way” set by the city has been consolidated rapidly, and a remarkable result has been made in the “four major plates” to take the lead in development.

Lead in growth—The “four plates” have secured a lead in stabilizing major economic growth indicators. In the first half of 2020, the growth rate of gross industrial output value of the “four plates” reached 8.1%, 3.4 percentage points higher than that of the whole city, and the growth rate of investment reached 7.1%, 2.6 percentage points higher than that of the whole city.

Lead in proportion—The role of the “four plates” as a ballast and source of power is noticeable. In the first half of 2020, the GDP of the “four plates” accounted for 52.1% of the total of the city, a year-on-year increase of 8 percentage points, and the industrial output value accounted for 81.1%, a surge of 3 percentage points year on year.

Lead in breakthrough making—The automobile industry of Changchun International Automobile Town has made breakthroughs in growth against the trend of recession. From January to October 2020, FAW Group made 2.214 million cars and sold 2.132 million, up 7.7% and 5.2% year on year, 12.3 and 9.9 percentage points higher than the national level respectively. The National Regional Innovation Center also made innovations and breakthroughs, with OLED Optoelectronics listed as the first one from Jilin Province on the sci-tech innovation board, and the number of “Jilin-1” Satellite Matrix increased to 25.

Three “Congregations” Optimize Changchun’s Development Pattern

The mission for the “four plates” to highlight pillar industries and realize congregated development has been put in quick practice.

Congregation of Industries—The number of pillar industries is required in principle by the CPC Changchun Municipal Committee to be no more than three so as to achieve congregated development. The congregation of industries has taken effect. The proportion of pillar industries in the whole plate and that of industries of the four plates in the whole city have realized dual increase.

Congregation of Projects—From January to September 2020, the number of projects of the “four plates accounted for 67.5% of the total of the city. The amount of annual planned investment accounted for 68.1%. A number of landmark projects including New Energy Automobile Factory, Optoelectronic Information Industrial Park and Changchun International Film Town are now under rapid construction.

Congregation of Factors—Last year, the “four plates” contributed 62.3% of land, issued 62.9% of special debt funds, and put in place 67.8% of industrial standard plants respectively in the total amount of the city, with priority given to the layout of new infrastructure such as streets and roads for intelligent driving, and the fund raising for 173 enterprises.

Three “Innovations” Generate New Power for Development

The “four plates” for the congregation of innovative factors, a development strategy of breaking the boundaries of administrative divisions, bringing into full play the leading role of new areas and development zones at national level, and gathering innovative elements, has become a source of innovation and development of Changchun City.

Mode Innovation—Each and every plate is headed by a deputy municipal leader, supported by a national platform and engine by a leading enterprise. With a brand new system established for organization promotion platform support and flagship guidance, all work can be arranged, promoted and completed smoothly, quickly and effectively.

Industrial Innovation: With innovative chain deployed around industrial chain, industrial chain planned around innovative chain, the “four plates” have established an industry-university-research innovation alliance for automobile, digital economy and solid-state battery, and deepened the cooperation with Huawei, iFLYTEK and Hikvision due to which new businesses, new measures and new achievements have emerged one after another.

Talent Innovation—The “four plates” have become a major destination for 100,000 college graduates to work and live in Changchun City. Each and every plate is more active, inclusive and open in terms of ushering in, cultivating and attracting talents.

Last year, the “four plates” secured a good trend of interactive development, with the quality of development improved, and the advantages of taking the lead in development and accelerating development brought into full play.

In the first half of 2020, the “four plates” contributed 41.3% to the city’s economic growth, and 41.3% to industrial growth, thereby becoming a source of power and pole of growth for the high-quality development of Changchun City.