First Meeting & Press Conference of Organizing Committee of 15th Changchun Film Festival Held

Updated : 2020-08-07Source : CCFAO
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The much-awaited15th China Changchun Film Festival will be held in Changchun City from September 5 to 10, 2020. The 1st Meeting & Press Conference of the Organizing Committee of Changchun Film Festival was held at the South Lake Hotel on August 5, 2020. Wang Kai, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and Secretary of the CPC Changchun Municipal Committee, and A Dong, Deputy Governor of Jilin Province, attended and addressed the meeting. 

In his speech, Wang Kai expressed his thanks to the media friends for their care and support for Changchun Film Festival, saying, “At a time when the whole province and the whole city are thoroughly studying and implementing the important instructions that General Secretary Xi Jinping made during his inspection trip to Jilin Province, and all involved are striving to overcome the impact of the epidemic to promote the high quality development of economy and society, it is of far-reaching influence and great significance to making this film festival a success. We should grasp the general situation to seek opportunities out of the unfavorable. All involved should be aware that making this film festival a success is an important opportunity to show the new image of Changchun City in the New Era, an important measure to prosper the cultural industry under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, and a concrete action to accelerate the construction of Changchun International Film City. It is necessary to reform and innovate, highlight characteristics, fully explore the brand strength of Changchun ‘Cradle of Film Industry of New China’, inherit the patriotic genes of Changchun Film Studio, and gather strength for a big country of films to become a strong one. It is necessary to highlight the historical mission of ‘responsibility and renovation’, integrate the development concept of ‘ecology, integration and innovation’ into the whole process of preparing for and organizing the film festival, further innovate the concept, carrier, mechanism and means, insist on online-offline combination, and actively introduce such advanced technologies as 5G and VR to strive to stage a more international and influential film festival. It is necessary to strengthen leadership, organize with care, strictly implement the prevention and control measures, and bring into full play the role of the organizing committee office to secure the success of this film festival.” 

Deputy Governor A Dong summarized the characteristics and spotlights of the film festival in four aspects, and spoke highly of the ongoing preparation, saying, “All involved should strengthen confidence, conscientiously summarize and learn from the successful experience of previous editions and famous film festivals at home and abroad, effectively improve the quality and level of the festival, and make Changchun Film Festival a more influential gala for film culture. It is necessary to innovate and develop, cherish and make good use of the platform of Changchun Film Festival, bring into full play to the advantage of large-scale publicity pattern, expand the social awareness of the film festival, promote the deepening reform of Changchun Film Festival for internationalization, and present a ‘Solution from Changchun’ to hosting film festivals under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control. To make the film festival organized as scheduled, it is necessary for all involved to make concerted efforts, strengthen organizational leadership and give priority to details. We should bring into full play the unique advantage of Changchun Film Studio, enrich the cultural atmosphere and historical accumulation of the film festival so as to make Changchun Film Festival and Changchun Film Festival shine upon one another.”  

At the press conference, Zhao Ming, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Changchun Municipal Committee and Director General of Publicity released the main content of the film festival. The leaders of health commission and emergency management made presentations on anti-pandemic action plans. Government officials including Gao Yulong and Jia Lina attended the event. 

As one of the “top four film festivals in China”, Changchun Film Festival has gone through a glorious course of 28 years, thereby becoming an authoritative platform for Chinese Film Awards, exhibitions and exchanges. In line with the theme “New Era, New Cradle and New Power”, evaluation and award ceremony of Golden Deer Awards, Film Forum, Film Exhibition, and other activities “Respects to the Cradle” including “Night of Changchun Film Studio” Symphony Concert, review of classic films, release of new films and poetry recitation will be organized to stage a wonderful feast of films for the public and film fans. During the film festival, the strategic plan for the development of Changchun International Film City will be released, the construction of National 5G Film and Television Industry Base started, a series of economic and trade activities organized to promote with film as the media the integration and development of the “four major plates”, and thus accelerate the comprehensive, all-round revitalization of Changchun City in the New Era.