Wang Zilian Attends the 30th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Sister City Relationship between Changchun and Ulsan

Updated : 2024-05-28Source : CCFAO
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Celebrating Friendship, Discussing Cooperation, and Seeking Common Development
This year marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the sister city relationship between Changchun and Ulsan, South Korea. On May 24, Mayor Wang Zilian attended the anniversary event, where he held talks with Mayor Kim Doo-gyum of Ulsan to celebrate friendship, discuss cooperation, and seek common development.
Wang Zilian welcomed the Ulsan delegation and briefly introduced the economic and social development of Changchun. He said that since the establishment of the sister city relationship between Changchun and Ulsan, the two sides have deepened exchanges and cooperation, yielding fruitful results. Changchun is currently thoroughly implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the Symposium on Promoting the Comprehensive Revitalization of Northeast China in the New Era, closely following the high-quality development strategy of "One Main Focus and Six Pairs of Coordinated Tasks" proposed by the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee, and steadily advancing the three-year campaign for new breakthroughs in comprehensive revitalization while accelerating the construction of "one center and five highlands". Given the similar industrial structures of Changchun and Ulsan and the vast cooperation space, it is hoped that the 30th anniversary will serve as an opportunity to give full play to the platform role of the China-ROK (Changchun) International Cooperation Demonstration Zone, continue to deepen exchanges and cooperation in areas such as sister cities, industrial development, technological talent, and cultural tourism, and promote new achievements in bilateral relations.
Kim Doo-gyum mentioned that over the past 30 years, the two cities have conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges and cooperation in various fields. Changchun's "Weishan Road" and Ulsan's "Changchun Road" stand as testaments to the enduring friendship between the two cities. He hoped that Ulsan and Changchun would continue to deepen economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges to achieve mutual benefits and better development.
Li Weishu was in attendance.