Changchun Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, Leads a Delegation to Visit Jilin Deyin Trading Co., Ltd. and Changchun American International School

Updated : 2023-05-18Source : CCFAO
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In accordance with the requirements of the CPC Central Committee, the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee, and the CPC Changchun Municipal Committee to vigorously carry out investigations and research, and with the aim of comprehensively promoting the high-level opening-up of Changchun City and providing better services to the foreign-funded enterprises in Changchun, the Changchun Municipal Foreign Affairs Office has taken the theme of "Leveraging the Advantages of Foreign Affairs Departments and Serving Foreign Nationals in Changchun" as its main focus and has proactively carried out extensive on-site visits and research activities in foreign affairs to promote the city's opening-up and the construction of an international business environment. On the afternoon of May 11, Deputy Director Ou Shuo led a delegation to conduct research activities at Jilin Deyin Trading Co., Ltd. and Changchun American International School.

At Deyin Trading Co., Ltd., Yu Qingji, Korean General Manager, explained the company's coffee business and highlighted its distinctive roasting techniques and the production regions of renowned coffee beans. On behalf of Korean-funded enterprises, he expressed the hope that relevant departments in Changchun City would facilitate the process of obtaining residency permits. Deputy Director Ou Shuo emphasized that Deyin Trading should not only excel in managing the coffee industry but also integrate coffee culture into Changchun, using the combination of coffee and culture and interactive activities to enhance the city's soft environment and internationalization level. In response to the difficulties raised by the company, Deputy Director Ou Shuo stated that the Changchun Municipal Foreign Affairs Office would leverage the advantages of the international cooperation platform in Changchun and plan to invite foreign nationals residing in Changchun to participate in a coffee competition hosted by Deyin Trading in August, thus helping the company promote its coffee products. Additionally, regarding issues such as the short visa duration for foreigners coming to Changchun, Deputy Director Ou Shuo stated that the Foreign Affairs Office would conduct further research, provide subsequent support, and coordinate with relevant departments to optimize the workflow, ensuring that foreign nationals feel at ease and comfortable during their stay and work in Changchun.

At Changchun American International School (CAIS), Dr. Ildiko Murray, Principal of the school, presented an overview of the school's development. As the 12th internationally accredited PYP, MYP, and DP one-stop international school in the northeastern region of China, CAIS caters to the children of all foreign nationals working and living in China, providing a multilingual teaching environment in Chinese, English, and German, offering a curriculum from early childhood to high school. Principal Ildiko Murray also conveyed to the delegation issues such as the shortened visa processing for foreign teachers, inadequate psychological counseling resources for faculty and students at CAIS, and limited visibility of the school. Deputy Director Ou Shuo stated that the Foreign Affairs Office would leverage its unique strengths to facilitate the recruitment of foreign teachers to work in Changchun, help promote the school through the Changchun Foreign Language Website, and attract more foreign talents to contribute to Changchun's development. In addition, the collaboration will be established with the Sixth Hospital to provide psychological counseling services for faculty and students, thus contributing to the creation of a world-class international business environment in Changchun.

The Division of American and Oceanian Affairs, Division of German Affairs, and Division of Asian Affairs of Changchun Municipal Foreign Affairs Office participated in the research visit.

With a commitment to implementing the decisions and deployments related to extensive investigations and research, Changchun Municipal Foreign Affairs Office will delve into the frontline of Changchun, gain insights into the current situation, identify potential challenges, listen to demands, and collaboratively find out solutions, to contribute to Changchun's high-level opening-up.