Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size in Changchun Have Restored 95% Work Capacity

Updated : 2022-05-11Source : CCFAO
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As of May 5th, 6,480 industrial enterprises out of a total of 7,681 in Changchun have resumed work, equating to a work restoration rate of 84.3% and production restoration rate of 72.7%. Of which, 1,265 industrial enterprises above designated size out of the total of 1,331 have returned to work, equating to a work restoration rate of 95%. Some 248,000 staffs have returned to work. Of the 66 industrial enterprises above designated size that have yet to resume work, and other than seasonal influences, they have all laid out plans for production resumption, and will carry out "point to point" closed commuting as soon as possible and when conditions are deemed appropriate, so as to ensure the safe transportation of staffs. 


The city of Changchun has dedicated emphatics efforts to implement the "clear stockpile, ensure production, and expand production capacity" action plan for the "four categories of guaranteed production enterprises," namely those engaged in disease control and prevention materials, key factors supply, daily necessities, and medicine. Since the onset of the recent outbreak, vehicles from these "guaranteed production enterprises" have been given passage some 57,000 vehicle-times, and cumulative outputs include 28,92 million face masks, 470,000 protective suits, 1,529 tons of disinfectants, and 4.76 million COVID nucleic acid test kit tubes. 


As of present, Changchun's 56 pharmaceutical enterprises above designated size and 95 specialized, sophisticated, distinctive, innovative technology enterprises at or above provincial level have all resumed work and production. Next, the industry and information technology system of Changchun city will continue to unveil "advanced and practical" measures to speed up work and production restoration of enterprises under the premise of full control and prevention of outbreaks, so as to make up for lost time, catch up on the progress, ramp up production, and realize stable and full-blown production that reach or even surpass targets, with the ultimate goal of minimizing the pandemic's effects on socio-economic development.