Werner Eichhorn Awarded “Changbai Mountain Friendship Award”,Honorary Citizen of Changchun City

Updated : 2022-01-10Source : CCFAO
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On January 6, Wu Jingping, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and Executive Deputy Governor of Jilin Province, presented the “Changbai Mountain Friendship Award” to the former CEO Werner Eichhorn of Audi China to whom Wu Jingping expressed his thanks for his hard work in promoting the cooperation between Audi AG and FAW Group in the construction of project PPE in Changchun City and his outstanding contribution to deepening the economic and trade cooperation between Chin and Germany. Wang Zilian, Mayor of Changchun City, presented the certificate of “Honorary Citizen of Changchun City” to Werner Eichhorn and thanked him for his great contribution to the construction and development of Changchun City. 

As a world-famous automobile enterprise, Audi AG has maintained close cooperative relations with Jilin Province and FAW Group for years, with positive contributions made to deepening the economic and trade cooperation between China and Germany and promoting the development of automobile industry of Jilin Province. Since taking the post of CEO of Audi China, Werner Eichhorn has attached great importance to the cooperation between Audi AG and FAW Group, remained committed to promoting the new energy vehicle project between Audi AG and FAW Group in Changchun City, and thus made outstanding contributions to the high-quality development of automobile industry in Jilin Province and Changchun City. 

“It is a great honor and also a kind of responsibility to be the winner of the ‘Changbai Mountain Friendship Award’ and “Honorary Citizen of Changchun City”. I will do the best as I always can to publicize Jilin and Changchun as an effort to help facilitate the revitalization and development of Jilin Province. 

An Guiwu, Wang Haiying and Zhao Xinrui attended the event.