China-ROK Investment and Cooperation Forum: Broaden Vision of Cooperation, Create New Engine for Revitalization and Development

Updated : 2021-07-22Source : CCFAO
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The representatives from leading enterprises and associations of manufacturing and service outsourcing from ROK and the EU attended the China-ROK Investment and Cooperation Forum held July 20, 2021. Taking the opportunity of 3rd Global (Changchun) Manufacturing Service Outsourcing Summit, the participants had talks on “International Cooperation of Northeast Asian Supply Chain in the Context of RCEP”. 

“Accumulated strength makes victory; wisdom of all leads to success,” Gao Hengzhi, a senior consultant of Changchun Tianmingsheng Technology Co., Ltd., a joint venture that has settled in China (Changchun)-ROK International Cooperation Demonstration Zone, said in the speech “Experience of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of ROK in Settling in Demonstration Zone”. The company is engaged in research, development, manufacturing and sale of OLED products in Changchun City, which can greatly reduce the import of such goods from other countries. An increasing number of hi-tech small and medium-sized enterprises from ROK are willing to contribute to the security of China’s industrial supply chain in Changchun City. “The economic revitalization of Jilin Province and the construction of China-ROK Demonstration Zone will have a positive impact on the deepening of regional economic integration and the realization of peace and prosperity in Northeast Asia,” said the senior consultant. 

Du Wei, President of WSD (Hangzhou) Coffee Machine Co., Ltd., introduced Chinese enterprises “dancing with Wolves” to catching up and surpassing their international counterparts, and then the “great change” of the 4th industrial revolution. He suggested that local governments should change as situation changes and follow the trend to rebuild the vitality of manufacturing industry, enterprises should build a new business form of intelligent manufacturing with technological innovations so that products can be made close to market, and customers can have continuous demands for products so as to strong competitiveness. 

At the forum, Zhang Yuhua, President of Guangzheng Group, who has set up an operation center in Changchun City, proposed to research and develop deep-processing products integrating bird’s nest with local agricultural products so as to seek new opportunities for supply chain cooperation in bird’s nest industrial chain. An assistant professor from Liverpool University of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University put forward the argument “it is the right time to broaden the vision of international cooperation” on the latest trade policy of EU. 

During the dialogue, the experts and scholars from the Development Research Center of the State Council and some colleges and universities from Jilin and other provinces shared their unique expertise in the in-depth discussion on the topic of “Impact of RCEP on Regional Cooperation in Supply Chain”. 

The construction of more than 60 key projects has been started. The size has doubled year on year. By further deepening industrial, technological, cultural and capital cooperation with ROK and other countries and regions, the demonstration zone will continue to build “a new engine for the revitalization and development of Jilin Province and even Northeast China, a leading zone for regional economic cooperation in Northeast Asia, and a pilot zone for all-round, wide-range cooperation between China and ROK”.