“Looking China International Youth Film Program Trip to Jilin” Launched in Changchun

Updated : 2021-06-04Source : CCFAO
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The opening ceremony of “Looking China International Youth Film Program Trip to Jilin” was held at Jilin University on June 1, 2021. Eight international students from such countries as Russia, Pakistan, Iraq, South Sudan, Nigeria, Argentina and Niger will work with their Chinese counterparts from Jilin University to film documentaries about the charm of Jilin Province and the greatness of its people in line with the of “Family · Homeland · Home and Country”. 

The program, which is sponsored by Huilin Culture Fund of Beijing Normal University and Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture, is meant to create cross-border image characteristics and emotional resonance through cross-cultural communications, exchanges and cooperation among the young people of China and other countries based on the academic theory of “Third Pole Culture”. Since 2016 when the program was kick-started in Jilin Province, Jilin University, as a host university, has received nearly 20 university teachers and students from other universities who completed 15 documentaries of which “Rediscover Dream” was selected as winner of excellent documentary award at the China-US Film Festival and the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival. 

“This time, we have focused on eight topics about the Team ECMO of No. 2 Hospital of Jilin University, Post-90s Yang Mudi Head of Township, Guardian Ren Jianguo of Migratory Birds, and Role Model Wang Yanhui for Poverty Alleviation. We hope the participants can explore the unique beauty of the land of Jilin Province, and demonstrate to the outside world Chinese people’s feelings of home and country and the better image of China with real, objective stories,” said Kong Zhaopeng, Deputy Dean of College of Journalism and Communication of Jilin University.