Construction of China (Yushu) Agricultural Film, Television Industrial Cluster Started

Updated : 2021-04-07Source : CCFAO
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The construction of China (Yushu) Agricultural Film and Television Industrial Cluster was started on April 2, 2021. The project is meant to promote the deep integration of history, culture and nature of Yushu City, provide support for agricultural film and television makers across the country and meanwhile create the brand of “Films and Televisions Made in Yushu City”. 

The construction will last 3 to 5 years for which regional and resource advantages will be brought into full play to create “four towns and one belt”, namely, Wukeshu Film/Television Performance Town, Huayuanshan Forestry Film/Television Town, Ping’an Film/Television plus Agricultural Leisure Town, Minjia New Energy Town, and “Five-in-one” Film/Television Sightseeing Belt. 

Yushu is known as “the first granary in the world” and has formed a pattern of agricultural industrialization and development with regional characteristics. Yushu will take the construction of the cluster as a chance to contribute to rural revitalization as well as the development of agricultural film and television industry and regional economy.