Changchun Customs promotes the issuance of digital certificate of origin

Updated : 2020-07-28Source : JL.GOV
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Recently, an enterprise in Linjiang city applied online for the certificate of origin to Linjiang Customs House subordinate to Changchun Customs District, and the certificate was issued within one hour.




The certificate of origin is an important certificate for export goods to enjoy import tariff reductions and other preferential treatment. Due to the inconvenience caused by complex rules to enterprises in applying for certificates of origin, Changchun Customs actively provides "one-to-one, point-to-point" explanation services for enterprises to resolve difficulties.


Changchun Customs has realized the issuance of digital certificate of origin for 16 countries so far, and enterprises can apply for certificates of origin online via the China International Trade Single Window. In the meantime, Changchun Customs innovates the management mode of issuing the certificate of origin, which is to implement credit issuance to the enterprises without bad credit records and are unable to print certificates by themselves. Enterprises can first apply for blank certificates of origin signed and stamped by the customs online, and then print those certificates by themselves after the verification of Changchun Customs.


In the first half of 2020, Changchun Customs issued 7,083 certificates of origin for exports with a value of US$477 million. With certificates of origin, relevant enterprises can enjoy import tariff reductions of about US$19 million.