2020 "Amazing Jilin, Cultural Summer" square cultural activity kicks off in the whole province

Updated : 2020-07-28Source : JL.GOV
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Recently, the launch ceremony of "Amazing Jilin, Cultural Summer" square cultural activity organized by the Jilin Provincial Culture and Tourism Department and the Changchun Municipal Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau was held in Changchun. All parts of the province started the activity simultaneously.  



At the main venue, 14 performances from all over the province such as square dance, long-drum dance, modern dance and solo fully demonstrated the cultural, regional and national characteristics of Jilin province.
According to statistics, more than 5,000 people attended the activity at the main venue and 170,000 people watched online. More than 60,000 people attended the activity at the branch venues across the province and total 400,000 people watched online. Over 50 travel agencies participated in and nearly 20 media conducted on-the-spot interviews and reports. The activity created a thick atmosphere of "Jilin people love their hometown, and Jilin people travel to Jilin" in the whole province, which was critically acclaimed by all walks of life, especially the people at the community level.