28 Enterprises Settled in Shengshi Automobile Industrial Park

Updated : 2020-06-30Source : CCFAO
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With a total investment of RMB360 million, Shengshi Automobile Industrial Park was opened for the first settlement of 28 small and medium-sized enterprises on June 28, 2020.  


The industrial park is located at the intersection of Hexie Street and Yiyi Road of Changchun Auto Industry Development Zone, covering 112,000 square meters for 53 new modern buildings of garden style for production, R&D and commerce. It is the latest incubator put in use in Changchun International Automobile City. 


The industrial park is able to meet the needs of industrial plants from generation one to four, and can accommodate several dozen or even up to 100 automotive enterprises to operate at the same time. It is mainly for micro, small, medium-sized R&D, intelligent manufacturing, innovation and entrepreneurship, warehousing and logistics enterprises free from “water, noise and air pollution”. The park is located in the core area of automobile industry, close to four heavyweight carmakers Volkswagen, Fengyue, Red Flag and Jiefang, and two auto parts markets, and is surrounded by hundreds of small or big spare parts manufacturers. With the shortest logistic support radius, it also enjoys convenient and fast transportation and distribution of goods due to its easy connection to such channels as City Ring Expressway, Exit of Chang-Shen Expressway and 4th Ring Road. 


To facilitate the low-cost incubation and growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, five demonstration centers of production and manufacturing, logistic distribution, scientific and technological research and development, innovation and entrepreneurship and corporate service have been built inside the park, which can provide small and medium-sized automotive enterprises with comprehensive support services including design and development, production and processing, warehousing and logistics, business financing, etc.