Jilin Province Launches 34 Well-being and Safety Measures for NCP Control and Prevention

Updated : 2020-02-12Source : CCFAO
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The treatment of the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) shall be covered by insurance, and the rental of state-owned assets by small and medium-sized enterprises shall be remitted or reduced by half....According to the press conference on the Measures of Jilin Province for Further Controlling and Preventing the NCP held on February 10, Jilin Province will launch 34 well-being and safety measures in seven aspects to ensure the success in the control and prevention of the NCP and meanwhile mobilize and support the production of enterprises and the life of people to return back to normal, stable and orderly.

Fives Measures to Optimize Examination and Approval of Special Affairs

To open express channels for customs clearance. The anti-epidemic goods and materials purchased abroad and donated by overseas Chinese shall be inspected at the earliest possible time around the clock at the Changchun Customs. Tariffs, value-added and consumption taxes on donated anti-epidemic goods and materials in the process of import shall be remitted for competent tax-free recipients.

To speed up the examination and approval of control and prevention projects. For the projects of control and prevention materials and corresponding components and raw materials, the mode of production while examination and approval will be implemented, and the express channels for examination and approval will be opened in such aspects as construction, testing, and certification.

To simplify procurement procedures. The express channels will be opened for using financial funds to purchase goods, projects and services related to, and no examination and approval is required for the procurement of imported goods and materials used for the control and prevention of NCP.

To accelerate bank credit examination and approval. The express channels will be opened and certain amounts of loans reserved for competent hospitals, medical research institutions and enterprises in the fields of health, anti-epidemic, pharmaceutical manufacturing and procurement, construction of public health infrastructure, etc.

To have investment projects examined and approved online. For the examination and approval of investment projects, the mode of “no need to meet” will be implemented under which the whole process including project application, acceptance, processing, publicity and issuance of approval documents will be handled online.

Three Measures to Ensure Supply of Living Goods and Materials

The supply of living goods and materials will be expanded. The temporary storage system of the government will be further improved, and the coordinated mechanism between social assistance, security standard and price increase launched at the appropriate time. The business outlets and supermarkets shall be guided to increase the inventory of necessities, and greenhouse vegetable production well instructed accordingly.

To make sure logistics and transportation are smooth and open. The requirement of “one break, three continuity” and “three don’ts and one priority” shall be strictly implemented to ensure the logistics and transportation channels for all kinds of emergency materials, living goods and materials are smooth and open, and the priority will be given to the guarantee and transportation for emergency tasks.

To reinforce market supervision. The supervision and inspection of agricultural trade markets, supermarkets and retail pharmacies will be tightened to crack down upon illegal and criminal activities. Any illegal act shall be dealt with strictly and promptly; for any crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated strictly according to law.

Five Measures to Increase Financial, Taxation and Medical Insurance Support

To increase financial support. More efforts will be put into overall arrangement of funds to ensure that all funds can be put in place on time. The reserve funds and other financial resources alike will be used at the appropriate time. The authority of finance at provincial level shall increase fund dispatch in time to those at low level of treasury funds.

To strengthen the guarantee of medical expenses. The treatment of NCP will be included in the payment scope of medical insurance. The expenses needed to paid by NCP treatments will be fully subsidized by the financial sector.

To implement work subsidy policy. A certain financial subsidies shall be given to medical personnel and anti-epidemic workers. Work-related injuries for health care workers and related staff should be identified if they were infected with or died of NCP due to their duties.

To increase bank credit support. For the new loans since January 1 this year for the production of materials urgently needed for NCP control and prevention, a discount of no less than 50% of the benchmark interest rate shall be provided by the authority of finance at provincial level. For micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that are actually affected by the epidemic and have repayment difficulties as scheduled, all banking institutions and local financial organizations involved shall not blindly withdraw, cut off or hold down loans. In 2020, the amounts of loans to the micro and small-sized enterprises from all banking institutions in the province shall not be less than their contributions in the same period last year. The financial institutions of local legal persons in the province that provide credit support for the manufacturers of important medical and living goods and materials shall be given the priority of refinancing.

To reduce and remit tax fees. If it is really difficult for a taxpayer to pay urban land use tax or real estate tax, the urban land use tax and real estate tax shall be reduced or exempted. If a taxpayer is unable to pay tax on time due to the epidemic, the payment may be postponed.

Seven Accurate Measures to Help Enterprises

To help enterprises return to production. All involved in the supply of water, gas, heating, coal and other production enterprises shall be organized to maintain sustainable, stable production, and food enterprises to start production in advance. All places shall organize other competent enterprises to resume production in order.

To extend the term of contract execution. If contractual obligations cannot be performed on time due to the epidemic, the time limit for contract execution can be appropriately extended. The state-owned enterprises shall pay relevant funds in full amount on time as agreed in contract, and new overdue arrears shall not be formed.

To support enterprises to expand capacity and transfer production. The full-load production of key anti-epidemic goods and materials will be supported, and support will be given to the enterprises urgently needed for the allocation of goods and materials by the state to implement technological transformation, expand production capacity, improve quality and efficiency, and promote the enterprises with similar products and basic conditions to transfer production in time.

To slow down the payment of social insurance and medical insurance. The small and medium-sized enterprises that are really unable to pay social insurance in full amount will be allowed to postpone the payment of insurance of endowment, unemployment and work-related injury. For those who fail to pay for the basic medical insurance on time, they shall enjoy medical insurance treatment first, and then make up for the payment.

To reduce rental appropriately. For the small and medium-sized enterprises that rent the state-owned assets for business use, the rental for one to three months can be remitted or reduced by half; for the small and medium-sized enterprises that have payment difficulties, their payment of rental can be postponed.

To delay the payment of water and electricity fees. The enterprises that are affected by the epidemic and are unable to pay water and electricity bills on time may apply to the suppliers of water and electricity for time limit extension of up to 3 months. During the extension period, the suppliers shall not cut off supplies and charge for late fees.

To improve the mechanism of credit restoration for enterprises. The general administrative punishment for an enterprise caused by the epidemic will not put on the “dishonest list” for which convenient credit repair process will be adopted to help the enterprise involved to rebuild credit.

Six Measures to Ensure People’s Well-being

To avoid or reduce layoffs. For the insured enterprises that avoid or reduce layoffs, part of their unemployment insurance expenditures in the previous year can be returned. During the control and prevention period, the insured, laid-off employee affected by the epidemic can get a certain amount of compensation for unemployment.

To stabilize labor relations in enterprises. All enterprises shall not terminate labor contracts or refuse labor dispatches for those unable to return back to work due to the epidemic. The enterprises involved can take such measures as compensation negotiating and working hours adjusting to maintain the stability of labor relations.

To provide support for migrant workers to return home to work. The statistical investigation on migrant workers shall be carried out to have the demands of labors well matched with the new industrial and commercial enterprises and new projects. The information on the demands of labors of enterprises shall be collected and released in time to help migrant workers get employed at the nearest possible places.

To stabilize the income of poor families. Close attention must be paid to the labor forces with the risk of returning back to poverty. A batch of temporary “special poverty alleviation posts” shall be made available in a county as a unit for those with the risk of returning back to poverty and unable to go out to work due to the impact of the epidemic.

To provide timely, full-amount social insurance. The pension shall be provided in advance on a monthly basis. The pension shall not be suspended for anyone unable to handle certification on time due to the epidemic. The pensions shall be made up for those who fail to handle the declaration as new retirees in time from the next month after examination and approval.

To expand temporary relief efforts. The NCP patients who are subsistence allowance beneficiaries, extremely poor people and poor population with archives and cards shall be given direct temporary assistance as needed. For the floating population with serious basic living difficulties, temporary assistance shall be provided directly by the local governments.

Three Measures to Strengthen Support for Anti-epidemic Research

To speed up joint efforts in anti-epidemic research. The competent universities, scientific research institutes and enterprises shall be supported to carry out scientific and technological cooperation in anti-epidemic research. The front-line research in combination with the control and prevention of NCP shall be give the priority of being included for support in the provincial scientific and technological development plan .

To support research and development by enterprises. The input on the development of vaccines and medical devices by enterprises shall be fully supported. Prioritized, timely and full-amount tax refunds shall be provided to the competent research and development institutions of relevant drugs, reagents and vaccines. The research, development and industrialization of traditional Chinese medicine products shall be accelerated.

To expand the application of big data. The integration, common sharing, interaction and mutual use of government data and social data shall be encouraged, and such intelligent application, research and development functions as investigation and allocation of goods and materials shall be jointly carried out. The construction of epidemic control and prevention platforms shall be accelerated.

Five Measures to Coordinate Current Economic Work

To ensure a good preparation for spring farming. All grain depots and processors shall be organized to expand collection and storage of grains to help farmers sell grains for cash in time. The financial institutions shall be guided to increase loan support for spring farming this year and thus do a good job in the purchase, sale and transportation of such goods and materials as seeds, fertilizers and agricultural films.

To speed up the construction of investment projects. The investment plans on the projects scheduled to be invested with RMB50 million each shall be supported one after another for implementation. The special government bond projects shall be well applied and implemented. The conference of the province on “the three prioritized” and “the three early” actions will be held shortly after the epidemic to promote the construction of projects.

To make a good preparation for the development of ecotourism. After the epidemic, such tourism activities in line with the theme of “In eco-friendly Jilin Province-Travel for Health” will be organized to promote the release of tourism consumption. The support policy shall be studied and formulated to help the ice and snow tourism enterprises hit hard by the epidemic.

To develop new economic modes. The replacement of traditional modes by online shopping, customer acquisition, education and office shall be accelerated. The development of e-commerce, direct sale, urban distribution and other businesses shall be greatly supported, and the interaction between commodity producers and marketing platforms strengthened. The internet celebrity economy shall be vigorously developed.

To promote opening up platforms and speed up the connection of approval and customs clearance. The communications with neighboring countries and major trading partners shall be reinforced to ensure that customs can be reopened at the earliest possible time.