Dirui: Domestically Leading Manufacturer of Professional Eye Drops

Updated : 2019-08-13Source : CCFAO
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Since its establishment in 2004, Changchun Dirui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has a remarkable progress in producing western medicines especially eye drops and thus moved up to the level of its international counterparts due to its effort in innovation in science and technology. 


Innovation is the driving force for Dirui’s development. The company has dozens of internationally advanced equipment, more than 100 technicians and licensed pharmacists. Its R&D capability ranks in the leading position in Jilin Province. Dirui has got connected with the world, and become more competitive in the market. The sales record of its 13 kinds of eye drops and that of cold and anti-inflammatory products has exceeded 10,000 pieces a month, thereby becoming the leading brand in domestic market. Dirui has set the goal of becoming a professional world leader of professional eye drops.