The 3rd Russian–Chinese Winter Youth Games Comes to an End

Updated : 2022-12-21Source : CCFAO
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The 3rd Russian–Chinese Winter Youth Games was closed tonight in Changchun. Despite a short time, the Games has written a beautiful new melody to the song of China-Russia friendship.

The Games will continue the traditional friendship between the sports circles of China and Russia and lay the foundation for training more reserve talents of ice and snow sports. 148 athletes of the Chinese delegation took part in 45 sports from 8 major events. On the field, athletes from both sides competed together and exchanged with each other. They have not only enriched the experience on competition, but also gained valuable friendship.

Both Deputy Director General of General Administration of Sport of China Du Zhaocai and Head of the Russian Delegation Morozov mentioned in the speech that, the Games is a highlight of the "Year of Sports Exchange between China and Russia". After three days of wonderful games and friendly exchanges, the young people of China and Russia exchanged skills, showed their talents and had friendly interactions, which fully reflected the vigorous vitality of the young people of the two countries and the traditional friendship between China and Russia for generations, adding a profound highlight to the "Year of Sports Exchange between China and Russia".

At the closing ceremony, athletes from the Chinese and Russian delegations put on artistic performances.