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The 17th China Changchun International Sculpture Symposium (City Flower Symposium)

Calls for Sculptors 


Changchun is now inviting sculptors for the 17th China Changchun International Sculpture Symposium (City Flower Symposium).


Host: Changchun Municipal People’s Government, China   

Organizer: Changchun Municipal Bureau for Urban Planning, The Foreign Affairs Office of Changchun Municipal People’s Government, Changchun Sculpture Planning and Management Office, Changchun Sculpture Academy

Co-organizer: Fine Art College of Northeast Normal University, Jilin College of the Arts


Deadline for submission: April 30, 2016

Place: Changchun, China

Number of participant sculptors: About 20

Theme: City, Space, Future


Changchun is a city that shows special preference for sculpture. Since the International Sculpture Symposium was founded, Changchun has introduced sculptures from 216 countries and regions. As one of the 7 sculpture theme parks, the Changchun World Sculpture Park became an important cultural landscape of Changchun. At the same time, it also influenced the sculpture significantly both at home and abroad. “Changchun World Sculpture Park” was awarded the title of the “Demonstration Unit of Creating the Future Cultural Heritage”. In 2016, with "City Flower" as the theme, Changchun City Planning Exhibition Gallery and Museum mainly designed by Master Cui Kai, is nearing completion, a sculpture exhibition with the same theme is going to be held. Now, we warmly invite the Chinese and foreign sculptors and look forward to your participation.

Changchun City Planning Exhibition Gallery and Museum harbored at the southern area of Changchun, where government office, financial business, and cultural facilities are relatively concentrated. With a smart and elegant sense of modernity, the project is honoured as a landmark for this region, and it is also an important window for demonstrating Changchun to the outside world. With a total construction area of 60,000 square meters, the 36 meters’ main building is surrounded by plants and plaza, covers an area of 7.35 hectares,. The exhibition sculptures will be displayed in the surrounding public and green spaces.

The theme of “City, Space, Future" is to express the green, warm and harmonious city life. The sculpture proposals should match up with the surrounding environment, and reflect the sense of the times and the future along with the city development.

First step: sculpture proposals collection

Submission must include:

1. Original works are encouraged. It is requested to give a profound interpretation to the theme--"City, Space, Future ", reflecting the history of the city, showing the city's present and looking forward to the future. The size should not be too small (parts of the works depend on the visual effect). Group sculptures are encouraged. The works should be easily understandable, manageable and protectable permanently, and show profound cultural heritage of the city, with beautiful, traditional or modern shape, safe and reliable. Material innovation is promoted. The colors of works should be in harmony with the surrounding environment and the main building.

2. Photographs of the applicants’ proposals should be in JPEG format (no less than 2M). The detailed information (such as the name of the author, the dimension, material and title of the work, etc.) of the author and the works has to be specified along with the photo (e.g. Rodin, The Thinker; Length: 145cm; Width: 98cm; Height: 180cm; Copper casting). The photos of the proposed draft or maquette can only be in JPEG format. Sample reels are also appreciated.

3. Conception of the proposals, personal resume and contact details (address, phone, email) should be in Word format. Please also submit a standard photo (2 inches) and a recent casual photo (printable) of the applicant.

4. The proposals must be submitted to the Organizing Committee by e-mail (e-mail address: The deadline is April 30, 2016. The submitted works which do not follow the instructions will not enter the second step. 

Second step: proposals selection and confirmation

All applicants’ proposals will be carefully reviewed and appraised by the Organizing Committee, the public and established sculpture professionals. The final results will be announced in the website in May. If any sculptor’s proposal gets accepted, he or she will receive an official invitation from the Organizing Committee and then sign the confirmation document for confirmation. The selected sculptors are required to send the finalized sculpture samples and the letter of processing intent. The Organizing Committee will choose special award and outstanding award from the above proposals. In accordance with the proposal’s creativity and the surroundings, some proposals will be turn into sculptures works which will be displayed in the field of "City Flower" permanently. The exhibition and the award ceremony will be held later. The works and samples will be collected in Changchun permanently.

All the costs of the applicants in the course of the application, as well as the taxes of the winners’ bonuses and subsidies are borne by themselves.

The finally selected sculptors will be provided with:

1. An allowance of RMB 20000 (the bonus include the production cost of the finalized sculpture sample).

2. Honor certificate issued by Changchun Municipal People’s Government.

3. The concrete details sheet for the round-trip ticket for economic class, assistant and interpreter will be sent to nominated sculptors later.


About the copyright and other related matters, the Organizing Committee will sign the contract with the sculptors in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations after deliberations.


Liaisons: Mr. Xu yuanfeng  


Tel & Fax: +86-0431-89189756

Postcode: 130000

Address: No.9777 Yatai Street, Changchun, China

The Organizing Committee of the 17th China Changchun International Sculpture Symposium (City Flower Symposium)