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14th China Changchun (Nong’an) Sculpture Symposium



 After the careful reviewing and selection by nationally well-known sculptors, Changchun citizens and the officials of Changchun government, the final results of the 14th China Changchun (Nong’an) Sculpture symposium have come out. All together 22 sculptures are selected to come to Nong’an to realize their selected proposals from July 27th to August 31st.


The 14th China Changchun (Nong'an) International Sculpture Symposium

Call for Sculptors


24th January, 2014


Changchun is now seeking sculptors for the 14th China Changchun (Nong'an) International Sculpture Symposium.


Host: Changchun Municipal People’s Government, China


Organizer: Nongan CountyChangchun Sculpture Planning and Management Office, Changchun Municipal Foreign Affairs Office


Time: 6th August to 16th September, 2013


Place: Nong’an county, Changchun, China


Number of participant sculptors: about 20


Theme: Yellow dragon culture – glamour of ancient town by sculpture


Background: Nong'an county is situated in the center of Jilin Province, at the hinterland of Songliao Plains, and to the north of Changchun city, covering a total area of 5400 square kilometers. It has a history as long as 7000 years, and was named "Yellow Dragon Prefecture" in ancient time. "Yellow Dragon Prefecture" is a well-known city of history and culture in Northeast China, one of the birthplaces of Northeast China civilizations, the capital of Fuyu Kindom, and a town of strategic importance in three dynasties, Bohai, Liao, and Jin. Nong'an owns the most abundunt historical and cultural relics of Liao & Jin Dynasty Culture.


Purposes: further improving Nong’an county’s urban cultural taste, expanding the county’s influence and popularity home and abroad, accumulating the county’s urban culture intension, perfecting the county’s investment environment so as to further the county’s economy development.


First step: call for submitting sculpture proposals


Submission must include:


1. At least three original proposals, which are requested to reflect the Symposium's theme, show the vitality and contain profound connotation. Stone or bronze sculpture works between 3 to 5 meters in figurative art style are highly appreciated.


2. A4 size colored design drafts or photographs of the maquettes of your proposals in JPEG format (no less than 2M). Please specify the detailed information of the author and the work in the picture and name the picture as the following format: Nationality, Name of the Author, Title of the Work, Dimensions, and Material. For example, France Auguste Rodin Thinker 145cm X98cm X180cm, Bronze.


3. Registration form and enclose your passport photo, your recent daily photo and your resume. Your sculpture portfolio is also appreciated.


4. Deadline for submitting proposals: April 10, 2013.


Second step: select and confirm participant sculptors


All the applicant proposals will be carefully reviewed by the Organizing Committee, extensively evaluated by the public and finally appraised by celebrated masters. If any sculptor’s proposal gets accepted, he or she will receive an official invitation to Nong’an, Changchun for creating it on site from early August to September.


The accepted sculptors will be provided with:


1. Round-trip economic flight tickets (only from his or her residence city to Changchun)


2. An allowance of US $3000, free accommodation in Nong’an.


3. General processing tools, sculpture materials


4. Assistant and interpreter


5. Honor diplomas, picture albums and souvenirs.


All the completed sculpture works will be permanently placed in and owned by Nong'an County. The Organizing Committee reserves the final right to interpret.




Miss Aimee:


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The Organizing Committee


The 14th China Changchun (Nong'an) International Sculpture Symposium




1. The Registration Form


2. The Brief Introduction of Nong'an


3. China Changchun International Sculpture Symposium


A Brief Introduction of Nong'an County


Nong'an County, called "Yellow Dragon Prefecture" in the ancient time, is a well-known city in terms of history and culture in Northeast China and one the cradles of Northeast China civilization. " Yellow Dragon Prefecture " was the capital of Fuyu Kingdom, and it was also a town of strategic importance during three dynasties, Bohai , Liao, and Jin . Now it has the most abundant historical and cultural relics of Liao & Jin Dynasty Cultures.


Nong'an County is situated in the center of Jilin Province, at the heart of Songliao Plains, and to the north of Changchun city. It's located at 124°37′—125°45east longitude, 43°54′—44°56 north latitude. The total area is 5400 square kilometers, including 520,000 mu arable area, 330,000 mu of water area of, and 974,000 mu of mountain and forest area. Situated in "Jilin Golden Corn Belt", one of the three world well-known "Golden Corn Belts", Nong'an county has abundant plant production in corn, soybean, Chinese sorghum, potatoes, fruit, tobacco, spices. It produces kinds of livestock such as pigs, horses, oxen, sheep, chicken, geese and rabbits, ranking first in terms of meat production in county-level economy. It is also rich in underground minerals, reserving much oil shale, silica, argil, natural gas, mineral water, carbon dioxide. Diverse ethnic groups, Han, Man, Hui, Wei, Meng, are living harmoniously in the county.


A Brief Introduction of China Changchun International Sculpture Symposium


For further promoting the international cultural communication, elevating the overall image of urban construction and expanding its influence in the world, Changchun city has held 13 sessions of international sculpture symposium since 1997 under the approval of the Ministry of Culture. The former six sessions of sculpture symposia wrere held by Changchun Municipal People’s Government and the National Guiding Committee for Urban Sculpture Construction, the 7th and the 8th sculpture symposium has added Chinese Artists Association and China Sculpture Society as new sponsors, and the 9th sculpture symposium has added Architectural Society of China as a new sponsor. The former 9 sessions of sculpture symposium all share the theme of “Friendship? Peace? Spring”. Since the 10th session, Changchun sculpture symposia are organized by the administrative districts of Changchun city. The 13 sessions of Changchun Sculpture Symposium have gained great support from the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Jilin Provincal Committee of CPC, Jilin Provincial People’s Government, embassies and consulates of the People's Republic of China in other countries, embassies and consulates of other countries in China, and sculpture organizations from all over the world.


China Changchun International Sculpture Symposia have left Changchun precious culture heritage. Now Changchun owns five thematic sculpture parks, whith the Changchun World Sculpture Park to be the largest one. Changchun World Sculpture Park has accumulated 451 sculpture works created by 401 sculptors from 216 different countries and regions. These works are of multiple themes, different styles, extensive range of schools and various materials. In terms of the expression of the subject matter, these works are invariably elegant, beautiful, profound, and miraculous, which can intrigue people’s imagination and give them enlightenment. In terms of artistic styles, these art works reflect the fusion of Eskimo culture, Maya culture, Maori culture, Indian culture and modern culture and are highly praised for the collision and mingling between Chinese and western culture as well as modern and traditional culture. In terms of schools, sculptors from Europe, America, Africa, Asia, etc. have created delicate works with regional and national features. In terms of materials, the sculptures fully display the sculptors’ agile and adept creating technique by using different materials, mainly in marble and granite, combined with other materials such as bronze, forged copper, wood, stainless iron, painted metal and complex material, etc.


Changchun international sculpture symposium is not only the communication of art, but also an exchange of culture and ideas. During each sculpture symposium, the organizing committee holds art seminars for the sculptors to communicate on art. Centering on them of “friendship ?peace ? spring", the sculptors freely express their ideas and opinions, by which they can learn from each other and absorb the artistic nutrition. In addition, the sculpture symposium also fully present to the foreign guests the charms of the traditional Chinese culture such as tai chi, calligraphy, painting, dance, acrobatics, magic, folk customs, etc.


The great impact of 13 sessions of the sculpture symposium has attracted the attention of Chinese and foreign media and caused an increasing upsurge of reporting. More than 30 media reported the 13 sessions of Changhun sculpture symposium, such as CNN, Reuters, Tass, Washington Post, Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite TVTa Kung Pao, etc, as well as local newspapers in Japan, Fiji, Australia and so on. Ominbearing reports are followed up by Chinese portal website, such as Sohu, Sina, NTES, xinhuanet, Peoples Daily Online, etc. Famous domestic media interviewed Changhcun for several times and made an omnibearing report on the urban sculpture construction in Changchun from multiple levels and angles, medias among them are CCTV, Central Broadcasting System, Xinhua News Agency, CNS, People's Daily, Guangming Daily, Chinese Culture Reported, Beijing Youth Daily, China Construction News, etc. CCTV News reported the grand ceremony of 7th and 8th sculpture symposium, which enabled people from all over the world watch the spectacular view together. TVs, broadcasting stations and newspapers of Jilin Province and Changchun City continuously report the result and occasion of the sculpture symposium. Changchun City Express Programa has made a live broadcast for the opening and closing ceremony of 8 sessions of sculpture symposium. More than 20 feature shows and comprehensive shows produced by Changchun Film Studio and Ji Lin Institute of Arts were broadcasted in Jilin TV and Changchun TV. Now, the organizing committee has collected and classified the works of previous eight sessions of sculpture symposium and published a delicate scroll leaving for the world and the history.


13 sessions of sculpture symposium have not only accumulated a number of valuable artistic treasures, but also greatly improved the cultural taste and popularity of the city. Song Chunhua, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Construction, Wang Keqing, the acting director of National Guilding Committee for Urban Sculpture Construction Committee, Chen Yunxian, the vice chairman of Chinese Artists Association and others have made positive comments and high evaluation on Changchun sculpture symposia. They believed that the Changchun sculpture symposia have set up the “Changchun Model”, made outstanding contributions to the cause of sculpture and promoted the healthy development of urban sculpture construction. Cao Chunsheng, the director of National Sculpture Arts Council said that “Changchun sculpture symposium has become a famous brand in the field of sculpture. It not only belongs to Changchun, but also belongs to China, and it even has enjoyed a high reputation in the world. Zeng Chenggang, the president of China Sculpture Society said “Changchun fully deserves the title of ‘Sculpture City of China’, and Changchun World Sculpture Park has truly become the holy land of world sculpture.


The 13 sessions of sculpture symposium has aroused great attention and response both at home and abroad. Li Lanqing, Wu Yi, Zhou Guangzhao, Zhao Nanqi, Wang Zhongyu, Li Meng, Ismail Amat, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Donald Tsang, Chairman of China Taiwan New Party Yok Mu-ming and leaders of the nation and the regions, Mendsaikhany Enkhsaikhan, the Vice Prime Minister of Mongolia as well as more than 600 foreign sculptors, artists and scholars have visited Changchun. The ambassadors of 47 countries and officials from 65 embassies and consulates in China have attended the relevant ceremonies. Australian critic Mr. Ken Scarlett came from a long way to Changchun for interviewing the Changchun sculpture symposium. He wrote a review on China Changchun Sculpture Symposium, which has been published in American magazine "Sculpture". Sculptress Marianne Vanden Heuvel from Netherland said that Changchun sculpture symposium is “among the leading sculpture symposia in the world”. Mr. Van Lau, the president of Chinese Artists Association in Hongkong and well-known sculptor said that “Comparing to other similar sculpture symposia in the world, Changchun sculpture symposium is the largest one with most participants and attending countries, whose success can rarely be seen.” The president of the International Sculpture Center Jeff Nathanson said that “Changchun sculpture symposium is a miracle in the history of world sculpture”. Maltese sculptor Christopher Ebejer said that “ Everything I see here in Changchun makes me feel that the contributions that Changchun has made to art can be comparable to what Medici family have done in Florence. What happened here is so much similar to that in Florence in the 15 centurary."