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for International Sister Cities of Changchun · China 2014

I. Sponsor

The People’s Government of Changchun City

II. Organizers

Changchun Foreign Affairs Office (CCFAO)

Changchun Sports Bureau

Changchun Jingyue Lake National Hi-tech Industry Development Zone

Sports Federation of Changchun City

III. Co-organizers

Publicity Department of the CPC Changchun Municipal Committee

The CPC Changchun Municipal Government Department Affairs Committee

Changchun Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League of China

Changchun Public Security Bureau

Changchun Finance Bureau

Changchun City Appearance, Environment and Sanitation Bureau

Changchun Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

Changchun Health Bureau

Changchun Jingyue Lake Tourism Development Group

Changchun Electricity Supply Company

IV. Time & Venue

The race is held at the Changchun Jingyue Lake National Forest Park at 09:00, Saturday, September 13, 2014,

V. Competition Items

l         Team International Sister Cities

l         Team Domestic Sister Cities

l         Team Mini Marathon

VI. Routes

(I) Half Marathon

Front Gate Square of Jingyue Lake National Forest Park (Staring Point/Opening Ceremony)-Huantan Road (counterclockwise direction/via the mid-way point at the Golf Clubhouse) - Front Gate Square of Jingyue Lake National Forest Park (finishing point), 21.0975 kilometers in total.   

Route Condition: The route is on a ring road inside the scenic area, flat but relatively narrow; the first 14-kilometer section is a flat course but there are more steep slopes and turns at the second 7-kilometer section. Runners need to allocate physical strength accordingly.

(II) Mini Marathon

Front Gate Square of Jingyue Lake National Forest Park (Staring Point)-Reservoir Dam (counterclockwise direction)-Huantan Road-Front Gate Square of Jingyue Lake National Forest Park (finishing point), three kilometers in total.

VII. Race Scope

(I) Team International Sister Cities: international sister cities (a city, one team leader and two athletes, a male and a female) and teams consisting of foreigners in Changchun City.

(II) Team Domestic Sister Cities: domestic sister cities (a city, one team leader and two athletes, a male and a female) and teams of consisting of local citizens.

(III) Team Mini Marathon (3 kilometers): local citizens, long-distance runners and their counterparts living in Changchun with valid living permits.

VIII. Time Arrangement

07:30 Roll Call

08:30 Opening Show

09:00 Opening Ceremony

09:10 Race Started

11:20 Closing/ Award Ceremony

VIIII. Competition Methods

(I) Rules

The event is organized in accordance with the latest rules approved by the International Track and Field Association and the Chinese Athletic Association.

(II) Roll Call

1. The roll call for half marathon runners starts at 07:30 and ends at 08:00. Athlete number dossals are needed when entering the roll call area.

2. There is no roll call for mini marathon participants who can enter the course directly with race jerseys. 

(III) Start the Race

1. The starting pistol is fired twice. Half marathon is started first, and is followed by mini marathon five minutes later.

2. All participants shall wait in line with the order first for men’s half marathon, women’s half marathon, then second for men’s mini marathon and women’s mini marathon. 

(IV) Gate Closing Time

1. To ensure the smoothness of the event and the safety for all participants, the marathon route section on the Huantan Road will be sealed off when the race is held. In addition, gate closing time will be set. Half marathon runners need to finish the race within 120 minutes, and mini marathon runners need to finish within 60 minutes. When the gate is closed, score recoding at the finishing point shall be stopped.

2. The participants who fail to finish the race within the time set for the closing of the gate are allowed to choose according to their own body conditions to continue or to give up (take shuttle back to the finishing point).

(V) Score Recording

1. The organizing committee will provide half marathon participants time recording chips. Each and every athlete needs to wear a chip that is accepted by the committee. There are sensors at the starting, finishing and the mid-way points (Golf Clubhouse). Runners shall run across all sensor lines. An athlete’s race score will not be accepted without necessarily recorded scores at all points.

2. The chips will be provided to athletes at the venue. To get a chip, a deposit of RMB100 per person will be collected, and then be refunded after an athlete finishes and gives back the chip to the organizing committee. The deposit will not be refunded if the chip is lost or broken. The chips that are not designated by the committee will be confiscated.

3. Time recording chips will not be provided to mini marathon participants.

(VI) Race Material Allocation

For the convenience of organizing the race, such materials as number dossals, safety pins, jerseys, race brochures and half marathon athlete stickers will be allocated at the venue for team leaders’ conference.

(VII) Drinking Water Service

1. There are drinking water stations available at the section which is about five kilometers away from the starting point.

2. Paper cups are provided at the drinking water station, and 50 meters away from the statin there are bins for the recycling of used cups.

(VIII) Medical Care Service

1. Medical care stations are available every five kilometers. Medical care service signs can be seen easily 50 meters before each station.  

2. First-aid service is available during the race. Medical care stations are opened at the 10-kilometr and 15-kilometer sections.

3. The organizing committee will provide voluntary service for direction guidance, medical care and race order management.

(VIIII) WC Service

1. There are movable washrooms at the front gate square and the finishing point for mini marathon at the west gate of the park.

2. Along the Huantan Road there are washrooms. See the route map.

(X) Locker Service

1. Locker service is provided for half marathon athletes. With a sticker, a person is also allowed to enter the venue to take care of an athlete’s belongings. However, all runners shall not take valuable or metal items during the race.

2. Mini marathon runners shall take care of their own belongings.

(XI) Route Monitoring

The whole process of the race will be monitored. An athlete’s qualification, score and award will not be accepted if: have registered with a false age or ask someone else to run for him or her; not run according to starting order; run before starting pistol is fired; run not according to designated route; run cross the finishing line to get finishing point confirmation paper more than once; not run the whole course but claim so; not obey organizing command; or late for ten minutes after roll call is finished.

X. Competition Method

(I) Qualification Requirement

The registration is open to long-distance runners or marathon amateurs. Professional marathon athletes or those who were professional athletes before but have retired for less than two years are not allowed to register.

(II) Age Requirement

1. Half marathon runners shall be above 16 years old (born before September 13, 1998) but below 65 years old (born after September 13, 1949).

2. Mini marathon runners shall be above 12 years old (born before September 13, 2002).

(III) Health Requirement

1. Each and every participant shall be a healthy person without an unhealthy medical history. He or she shall be a long-term running exerciser or trainee. A participant is required to fill out a registration form and a letter of good health commitment before his or her qualification is recognized.    

2. A person with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, high blood pressure and/or diabetes, and others who are not healthily unsuitable for the race, are strongly suggested not to participate.

(IV) Equipage Requirement

All participants shall wear the race jerseys and provide for themselves such items as running shorts or pans, shoes and protective outfits.

(V) Registration Method

1. Chinese Citizens:


Telephone: 0431-88638551

Contact Person: Wang Ning

2. Foreigners:

Address: Division of European Affairs, Changchun Foreign Affairs Office, 2626, Renmin Street, Changchun City, Jilin Province, 130041

Telephone: 0431-88776730

Contact Person: Gu Chunmin (email:

3. Race Info Websites

Official Website (Chinese):

Official Website (English):

4. The registration is closed on August 31, 2014.

(VI) Race Fee

1. No registration fee

2. The organizing committee will buy personal accident insurance for every participant (name, gender, passport number or ID number are necessary. If not provided, any consequence and responsibility shall be assumed by the participant.)

(VII) Team Leaders’ Conference

The team leaders’ conference for Team International Sister Cities and Team Domestic Sister Cities will be held at the first floor of Changchun Public Fitness Center at 13:00 on September 12, 2014. At the conference, questions about the race rules and regulations will be answered and race materials will be allocated.

XI. Prizes

(I) Team International Sister Cities: The first eight places (male, female) will be rewarded certificates, medals and bonus (pretax). 

Team International Sister Cities

Frist Eight Places (Male, Female)










Bonus (RMB)









(II) Team Domestic Sister Cities: The first 15 places (male, female) will be rewarded certificates, medals and bonus (pretax).

Team Domestic Sister Cities

First 15 Places (Male, Female)












Bonus  (RMB)











(III) Team Mini Marathon: Race places will not be recorded. All participants who can finish the race as required can get certificates at the finishing point.

XII. Arbitration

(I) An arbitration commission will be founded; and referees will be selected by Changchun Sports Bureau and the Sports Federation of Changchun City.

(II) To ensure the fairness and justice of the race, an arbitration case in writing form will be accepted within 10 minutes after the race is finished. A deposit of RMB500 arbitration fee is needed. If the challenge is failed, the deposit will not be refunded.

XIII. Others

(I) An organizing committee will be founded. For details, please visit the official website.

(II) Other information not included herein will be made available. The organizing committee has the right to amend.   


International Sister Cities of Changchun · China 2014 Half Marathon Organizing Committee