“Riding to the Future” for Foreign Friends Kick-started in Changchun

Updated : 2019-09-05Source : Shangri-La Hotel Changchun
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The anniversary celebration “Riding to the Future”, a nonprofit cycling event, was kick-started Sunday morning on August 11, 2019. More than 60 Chinese and foreign participants as well as media friends from all walks of life were invited to the Changchun Shangri-La Hotel to cycle a blue storm of adventures around the whole city. The event was started with a warm-up exercise for all participants to fully activate their bodies in the morning under the guidance of a professional fitness coach of the hotel. 


With four Harley motorcycles leading the team, the participants started from the Changchun Shangri-La Hotel to enjoy the city’s beautiful landscape and cultural heritage while riding along the Renmin Street, a route with a long history and superb sceneries, to the front door of the National 5A Scenic Area “Art Oxygen Bar” Sculpture Park. Wei Wei, General Manager of the Changchun Shangri-La Hotel and other representatives of the management team of the hotel were invited to the award ceremony. 


“The event is meant to add extra meaning to Shangri-La Hotel-to join you in advocating sport, practicing environmental protection and exploring the adventures of the city! By creating such a riding experience, what we Changchun Shangri-La Hotel provides is more than just one place to stop and rest. It is also about advocating our customers to discover heart touching episodes in travel, feel the beauty of local humanities, and let them relax, enjoy sport and have fun in life during the journey. Travel should not be superficial, nor should it be a crude consumption of the destination. We hope the travelers can devote themselves wholeheartedly to “experiencing the life in the destination”. With hotel as the starting point, they can truly feel the lifestyle of the city, be the immersive sensory experience or the thoughtful value-added hotel service,” said General Manager Wei Wei of the Changchun Shangri-La Hotel.