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Enterprise Profile

UPIN Handicraft Manufacturing Corporation of Jilin Province

The UPIN Handicraft Manufacturing Corporation of Jilin Province (hereinafter referred to as UPIN) is located in Jingyue Hi-tech Industry Development Zone, a picturesque tourist destination in Changchun City, Jilin Province.


UPIN, which integrates development, design, manufacturing and marketing, is a private company with the right of export operations. Its products can now be found in 27 countries and regions since it was founded in 1996, making it the flagship of the industry. The main handicrafts cover six series and some 1,000 kinds including (UPIN Human Figures) human figures of Chinese style, and their counterparts of Japanese style, tree-leaf household accessories, paintings for decoration, model ships as well as resin crafts, radio-controlled and static model airplanes. Of them, UPIN Human Figures is one of the famous brands of Jilin Province. As a renowned brand, UPIN Human Figures won the Mountain Flower Award for Chinese Handicrafts and Fine Arts at the 2009 Chinese Folk Arts Fair; and the Special Award at the 2011 Chinese Folk Arts Fair. In 2011, it was listed as an intangible cultural heritage of Jilin Province, and acquired the authentication of ISO9000. UPIN has been rewarded as an advanced private enterprise in market exploration, an advanced unit for employment and social security of Changchun City, employability training base (first of its kind in Jilin Province) for the people who are physically challenged, a flagship of agricultural industrialization of Jilin Province, an enterprise with outstanding corporate culture in Jilin Province, a demonstration base for cultural industry in Jilin Province, a top 50 private enterprise of Changchun City, a top 100 enterprise of Jilin Province, a nationally advanced organization in helping the people who are physically challenged, a national key enterprise engaged in culture export, a national demonstration base for cultural industry, etc.         


The market share of UPINs products in Japan, and Europe and America is 70% and 20% respectively. UPIN sells its products mainly through signing sales contracts with its partners at Canton Fair, online platforms, and trade fairs and expositions of various kinds held home abroad.


During the inspection visit on July 26, 2009, Premier Wen Jiabao wrote UPIN an inscription “Get Fused in the World’s Culture, Diffuse Chinese Civilization, Depict Picturesque Mountains and Rivers, and Express Beautiful Hearts and Souls”.


After years of unremitting efforts, UPIN has developed a series of handicrafts “Chinese Dolls” that can compete with Barbie toys. It sells several 100,000 pieces of Chinese human shaped dolls around the world every year, thereby making an outstanding contribution to the diffusion of Chinese culture abroad.


UPIN gives priority to the development of traditional handicrafts. In the meantime, it puts active efforts into the innovation of products, with smart dolls, environmentally friendly tree-leaf household accessories, resin crafts and other new handicrafts made available. UPIN’s effort in this regard has filled several technical gaps of the field and obtained many national patents.   


The research and development (R&D) and display center invested by UPIN, first of its kind in China, is being built in Jingyue Hi-tech Industry Development Zone. The center will take the research and development of Changbai Mountain culture as the theme, and northeastern culture as the starting point to explore regional culture, folk customs and traditions, and create a new tourist attraction in Northeast China to attract domestic and international visitors to sightsee and spend holidays, thereby making it a pillar in the regional economy of culture.


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