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Enterprise Profile

Changchun SinoBiomaterials Co., Ltd.

Changchun SinoBiomaterials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SinoBiomaterials) was founded in April 2007. It is mainly engaged in the manufacturing of biodegradable polymer materials for medical applications, and in the development and industrialization of downstream products.


SinoBiomaterials’ plant is 10,000 square meters big. It has an integrated experimental building and a production workshop in accordance with GMP standards, both occupying 3,500 square meters. The main management staff members have studied aboard for years. They have profound scientific attainments and abundant experience of management. With expertise in chemical, biological and medical fields, the main technical staff members are very competitive in innovation and development of corresponding products.


SinoBiomaterials is technically supported by Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry (CIAC), Chinese Academy of Sciences. Under Changchun SinoBiomaterials, there are two governmentally supported platforms, namely, Science and Technology Innovation Centre for Poly (lactic acid)-based Biodegradable Materials of Jilin Province and Science and Technology Innovation Centre for Poly (lactic acid)-based Biomaterials of Changchun City. SinoBiomaterials is now working closely with universities and research institutes to achieve the goal of realizing enterprise-university-research institute integration.

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