Core Tip     As information and industrialization enter a deeper level of combination, a newly upgraded service of the foreign language website of Changchun Foreign Affairs Office (CCFAO) and the People’s Government of Changchun City has been launched with the opening of the “Information Service Platform for the Enterprises of Changchun City” in five languages of English, Japanese, Russian, Korean and Chinese. The initiative, which cannot be made possible without the resources of the website, the information collected from competent enterprises in hopes of cooperating with foreign counterparts, the technical support of Changchun Information Center and the assistance of Changchun Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, is meant to improve the level of development of export-oriented economy of Changchun City, lead the local enterprises to create and improve their competitiveness in a period in human history characterized by the shift from traditional industry to an economy based on the manipulation of information, deepen cooperative relations with the local enterprises, and join hands with them to open an “Everlasting Exhibition of Enterprises of Changchun City” online, thereby setting up a bridge for the local export-oriented enterprises to take part in regional economic cooperation and reach out to global markets.    
Export and Import Processing
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Export and Import Processing


1. Changchun Xinglong Comprehensive Bonded Zone will mainly develop two leading industries, automotive electronic products-denominated high-tech electronic products processing and manufacturing as well as transportation equipment components manufacturing and modules assembly.

2. The zone will take full advantage of the surrounding industrial clusters, play policy advantages, develop high-tech, biomedical, optoelectronics and other industries, promote the optimal resources allocation.

3. The zone will play a leading role of export processing area, and introduce leading industry with a long industrial chain.

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