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The establishment of Changchun:


Changchun is a new city with only about 200 years of history. In the year of 1800, Emperor Jiaqing of Qing Dynasty selected a small village on the east bank of the YitongRiver and named it as "Changchun Ting", and in the year of 1889, it was promoted as "Changchun Fu".


Modern Changchun


In 1930, the Japanese imperialists invaded the Northeast China, established the Manchurian Public country, and selected Changchun as its capital. Later, they renamed Changchun as "Xinjing ( new capital )" and made it suffered from this shameful history.


The open & modernized Changchun:


After the founding of the People's Republic of China, especially since the reform and open door policy, great changes have taken place in Changchun for its construction development. Now Changchun has formed its own advantage and characteristics with very solid foundations in industry and agriculture, and prosperous commerce.


It is a very influential regional center city in China with high degree openness and advanced science and education. It is characterized as the automobile city, forest city, film city and city of science, technology and culture.

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