Special channel for international data opened in Changchun New Area

Updated : 2021-05-25Source : JL.gov
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On May 17, the special channel for international data was officially opened in the Changchun New Area. The Provincial Communications Administration and the Changchun New Area Management Committee jointly held the opening ceremony and the commemorative activity of "5.17" World Telecommunication and Information Society Day.
By reducing the number of existing network convergence points and directly accessing the high-quality network of operators, the channel provides high-speed, stable and safe international communication resources for enterprises in the province, greatly improves the access efficiency and performance of the Internet, promotes the aggregation and development of export-oriented industries such as port logistics, pharmaceutical industry, Internet and cross-border e-commerce, attracts more foreign investment and further consolidates the hardware foundation for cultivating and developing the digital economy represented by the Internet industry. The channel also provides basic guarantee for building a strong network province, "digital Jilin" and smart city, as well as effective and stable communication network support for the province to implement the "one pillar, six doubles" industrial space layout, to integrate into the Belt and Road Initiative and to create a new height of opening-up in the inland area.