FAW’s Proprietary Brand Recognized, Favored More by Market

Updated : 2021-04-28Source : CCFAO
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At the 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, FAW’s Hong Qi became a highlight. The procurement of the first 100 tailor-made cars of new Hong Qi H9 plus was signed; and H9, HS9, E-QM5 and other heavyweight models attracted many visitors... The proprietary brands of FAW have now been recognized and favored more by market. 

The data released by FAW in the first quarter of this year shows FAW’s brands had made good achievements with domestic market returning back to upward. The sales of three proprietary bands, namely, Hong Qi, Jie Fang and Besturn, increased significantly in the first quarter of this year-190,000 trucks sold for Jie Fang, up 76.8% year on year, including 167,000 heavy trucks, up 85%; 62,000 made and 70,000 sold, up 190.6% and 180.2% year on year for Hong Qi; and 16,000 sold for Besturn, up 109% year on year.