Changchun in High Gear for Development, Good Start Made in Q1

Updated : 2021-04-27Source : CCFAO
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With the important instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his inspection trip to Jilin, and the deployment on “two guarantees and one priority” arranged by the CPC Jilin Provincial committee and the People’s Government of Jilin Province thoroughly implemented, Changchun achieved a two-digit increase in major economic indicators in the first quarter of this year. The GDP increased by 17.3%, ranking the first among the four cities in Northeast China, 2.4 percentage points higher than that of the whole province, or the first degree of 54.2% in the province. The role of being a vanguard became more prominent. The fiscal revenue of the local government increased by 31.1%, the highest of its kind in Northeast China. 

This means that the city’s economy has taken the lead in entering a relatively stable stage with diversified highlights after going out of the recovery period. 

–Noticeable Achievements Made in Industrial Economy 

Great efforts were put into extending industrial chains and promoting in a coordinated way the development of seven industries including automobile, top-end equipment and pharmaceutical. The automobile industry, building materials industry, pharmaceutical industry and food industry increased by 59.1%, 52.7%, 51% and 32.6%, respectively. Support was given to FAW to build a world-class enterprise and speed up the effort of making Changchun into a world-class automobile city. The production and sale of FAW increased by 59.1% and 73.5%. Hongqi’s production and sale went up by 190.6% and 180.2%. The industrial added value made by enterprises above designated size increased by 36.3%, ranking third among the 15 sub-provincial cities in China. 

–Project Construction Accelerated 

The activities for promoting project construction held as scheduled made the construction peak arrive 20 days earlier than before, and 534 projects started or resumed, an increase of 113 year on year. “Large-scale promotions for investment attraction” were organized, which in turn had 77 projects signed and planned for settlement. A total of 33% of domestic funds was put in place. The use of land for industrial projects increased by 84%. The strengthen for future development was accumulated and consolidated. 

–Consumer Market Recovered 

Such ways as consumption coupons and lucky draws of receipts were adopted for sales promotion. The total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 25.1%, the income of catering industry increased by 50.8%, and the retail sales of enterprises above designated size increased by 40%, ranking the first among the four cities in Northeast China. The added value of service industry increased by 10.7%, the highest of its kind in ten years. 

–Foundation of Agriculture Consolidated 

Spring farming was started as scheduled. The production capacity of pork recovered rapidly. The output value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery increased by 6.8%, the highest level in the past two decades. 

In the first quarter, the city’s economy also showed many new highlights: high market vitality, continuous improvement of air quality, settlement of a number of major platforms, breakthroughs in development evaluation, and Changchun selected as one of the first “national cultural and tourism consumption demonstration cities”. Changchun secured the first place among the ten cities with remarkable achievements in stabilizing growth and promoting transformation selected by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.