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More than 100 Kinds of Flowers to Blossom during Spring Festival in Agri-Expo Park



The buds of more than 100 kinds of flowers at the Agri-Expo Park of Changchun City are getting ready to blossom during the 2019 Winter Agriculture Expo and the forthcoming Spring Festival. On January 8, the reporters visited the Agri-Expo Park. How to ensure that all flowers can blossom during the exhibition and the Spring Festival was said to have become a challenge for the horticulturists. 

The park was not a sea of flowers as what the reporters imagined, some flowers covered with insulation film, and some “let alone” in shady corners due to the fact that flowers have different florescence, and preference of temperature and light. According to gardener Wang Yang, there are four kinds of flowers that were transplanted to the park, including chrysanthemum, colored calla lily, vermilion and tulip. After transported from other places to the Agri-Expo Park, these flowers will first be cultivated in greenhouse, and then planted in the field after calculating their flowering periods. Some flowers are in blossom for about 28 days, and some for about 35 days. Therefore, the light and temperature for these flowers must be well controlled. 

“Light has a significant impact on flowers. Prolonging leads to early blossom, while shortening delays blossom. Some flowers are insensitive to light whose blossom time can be changed by temperature increasing or decreasing. And the growth rate and blossom time can be adjusted by means of pruning and other horticultural techniques,” said Wang Yang. 

More than 100 kinds of flowers are planted in an area of 6,400 square meters. In addition, seven tulip varieties plus other popular flowers such as roses, lilies and Chinese roses were said to have been introduced from other places for this year’s exhibition. All flowers are now in good shape and will be displayed during the exhibition and the Spring Festival.