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Water Culture and Ecology Park Ready for Lighting Show Scheduled on January 10



The Water Culture and Ecology Park of Changchun City is full of artistic flavor at daytime, and is said to be more gorgeous at night. On January 10, a lighting show, the “most dazzling” of its kind, will be organized, which is expected to bring about a visual feast full of poetic and passionate significance for both the local residents and the visitors. 

In recent days when the evening lights are lit, the technicians of the park are busy with equipment testing, making the Water Wave-shaped Building near entrance of Yatai Street become a drawing board on which flowers and verdant plants are floating. The Water Wave-shaped Building is nearly 700 square meters, which is the most uneven 3D projection building in Northeast China. It is close to Yatai Street. Too many the night scene effects might probably cause traffic congestion, so the lighting show will be displayed in different periods, that is, static projection before 19:00, mainly for the promotion of Park activities, and dynamic project after 19:00. In addition to the Water Wave-shaped Building, there are three well-designed thematic areas to create gorgeous and fantastic image effects, thereby making the whole park brilliant and colorful at night. 

What needs to be mentioned in particular is that the lighting show was designed in line with the principle of protecting the ecological environment of the park. For example, the route was designed purposefully for avoiding affecting the wildlife habitats in the park so that the biological clocks of all kinds of animals can remain as normal as before. In the construction process, no tree-based nails were used for the installation of all lights and equipment. The degree of lighting for different parts was reduced as compatible as possible to be in harmony with the overall environment of the park.