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Changchun Delegation Attends 1st Plenary Session of “Belt and road” Local Cooperation Committee Held in Hangzhou


The 1st Plenary Session of “Belt and Road” Local Cooperation Committee & Seminar on AI Promoting City Management were held in Hangzhou City on December 3, 2018. Li Yining, Secretary General of Changchun Municipal People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, attended the event as a representative of Changchun, one of the founding member cities, and received the certificate for founding member cities.

Some 150 representatives from 20 plus countries including Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Laos, Korea, Japan, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Finland, Croatia, Suriname, and Nigeria gathered at the bank of West Lake to enhance exchanges, share experiences and build prosperity.

At the plenary session, the first of its kind since the committee was established, the report on the achievements made by the committee since its establishment was delivered, and the constitution, organizational structure, leading members and action plan for the future were deliberated and ratified.

The “Belt and Road” Local Cooperation Committee was jointly initiated by Hangzhou Municipal People's Government and the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries under the framework of the UCLG. Up to now, nearly 70 cities and organizations at home and abroad have joined the committee.

Since its establishment, the “Belt and Road” Local Cooperation Committee has attracted a wide range of member cities and institutions from all around the world, and organized a series of activities with rich contents, which in turn has effectively promoted the cooperation among the local governments included in the “Belt and Road” Initiative. It has played an active role in boosting the “Belt and Road” Initiative, and become a platform for the sharing of experience, mutual benefits and win-win results for all members.