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Changchun Delegation Attends 1st CIIE

It is a gala for the benefits of whole world. The 1st China International Import Expo, or CIIE, was opened in Shanghai on November 5, 2018. The delegation of Changchun City attended the event for looking for business opportunities.


According to the information released by Changchun Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the preparation of Changchun City for organizing purchasers to attend the exposition was started in early June, and the delegation led by deputy mayor was established accordingly for purchase and investment attraction for the enterprises of seven kinds covering whole sale and retail, medical care, education, scientific research, culture, tourism, sport and import. 


The CIIE was said to have provided chances to facilitate the local enterprises to get involved in global trade. After a series of communications, talks and meetings, all members of Changchun’s delegation indicated that such a direct and high-efficiency method had not only broadened the visions of enterprises but also saved purchasing costs and thus propelled the product restructuring, technical transformation and rapid development of all enterprises involved. 


In the meantime, to make full use such platform to demonstrate the image and purchasing achievements of Changchun City to the outside world, promote the local commercial circulation and foreign trade enterprises to get in-depth involvement in international cooperation, usher in quality consumer products and funds, the Conference for Opening up and Cooperation of Changchun City will be held Wednesday morning on November 7, 2018. Insiders say such enterprises including Eurasian Group, Yatai Group, Haoyue Group, Xinglong Bonded Area,


Economic and Technological Industry Development Zone, Beihu Sci-Tech Industry Development Zone, Changchun Huarui Imported Automobile Company Limited and Changchun Natural Gas Co., Ltd. will sign purchase agreements with competent exhibitors from home and abroad.