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Japanese Friends Donate Money to Foster Parents of Japanese Orphans in Changchun



A 2-member delegation visited the Foreign (Overseas Chinese) Affairs of the People’s Government of Changchun City (CCFAO) Wednesday afternoon on September 12, 2018. Ou Shuo, Deputy Director General of CCFAO, had a close talking with the delegation.  

The delegation led by the Japanese consultant of College of Humanities and Sciences of Northeast Normal University who represented himself and also his friend in Japan, donating 50000 Yens each, 100000 Yens in total, to the foster parents of orphans of Japan in Changchun City.  

“It is not a big amount of money but it represents our hearts. Although in great affliction, your kind people adopted and brought up the orphans of Japan left here in your city after the war. The kindness is touching. We hope such tiny donation from me and my friend can somehow express our thanks and regards to those foster parents,” said the head of the delegation.  

On behalf of CCFAO and Changchun Municipal Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Deputy Director General Ou Shuo thanked the delegation and presented honorary certificates to the donators.  

The representative of the Foreign Language Website of Changchun City also attended the meeting.