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Changchun CPI up 3.1% in August


The CPI of Changchun City increased 3.1% in August, a surge of one percentage point from last month, or increased 1.7% accumulatively and 0.9% on a monthly basis, according to the information released by the National Bureau of Statistics Changchun Branch on September 12, 2018.  

Affected by drought in late July and early August, the price of vegetables started rising in Mid-August till the end of the month, including a surge of 52.6%, 46.1%, 34.1%, 26.2%, 25.4%and 22.6% for lettuce, spinach, rape, cucumber, eggplant and leek, respectively.  

Due to such factors as low production and opening of bakeries in new schooling season, the price of egg increased 12% on a monthly basis, and that of pork started rising from June due to low enthusiasm from farmers and reduction of supply in market caused by swine fever found in Liaoning Province in early August. Under such circumstance, some pork customers turned to beef, driving its price up 5.3%. In addition, the rental price of private houses increased 3.3% on a monthly basis due to the increase in housing price and the rental of houses in school communities.