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CCFAO Publicizes Changchun Folk Art Expo on Web Portal in Five Languages


The 11th China (Changchun) International Folk Art Expo (Changchun Folk Art Expo) was opened in Changchun City on August 9, 2018. The event attracted the participation of exhibitors from 20 plus countries including Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. It also became a highlight for the media at home and abroad. The foreign language website of the People’s Government of Changchun City (CCFAO) publicized the exposition on its web portal in five languages.  

A. Ba Ji Song Hua Stone, Ceramic Museum of Jilin Provinces Made Their Debuts  

The Pavilion 1 is mainly for the winners of previous Mountainous Flower Awards, masterpieces by artists at national level and rosewood furniture, covering the works created by Song Shuiguan, inheritor of national nontangible cultural relics and senior craft artist at national level, Wang Jingliang, senior ceramic artist of Jiangxi Province, and Zhou Guozhen, heavyweight ceramic sculptor, master judge of Chinese craft artists and professor of Jiangxi Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute. Elaborate nut carving, porcelain painting with profound cultural characteristics of Jiangxi Province, porcelain carving of typical individual styles and other handicrafts can also be found inside Pavilion 1.  

The Pavilion 2 is basically for paintings, calligraphies, precious stones and famous writing materials, which can be a wonderland for the citizens who are interested in calligraphies and paintings. As the first of the top four embroideries of China, Suzhou Embroidery is famous for its vivid style and wide-range selection of materials. This year, chi-pao, decorative screens and small decorative articles will also be exhibited.  

The Pavilion 3 is for jewelries and jades, including Ba Ji Song Hua Stone and Ceramic Museum of Jilin Province. Song Hua Stone is originated from propitious Mt. Changbai. It is a kind of unique mineral resource, economic resource and cultural resource of Jilin Province. The folk exposition is expected to open the magical world of Song Hua Stone for the visitors.  

The Pavilion 4 is mainly for tea, tea sets, Zisha ceramic art and rooting carving, including popular Jingdezhen chinaware, and other various ceramic artworks. Come and visit the pavilion to feel cool and refreshing in such hot summer days.  

What is worth mentioning is the Pavilion 5 is just to serve as a venue for activities including antique identifying and body painting. When feeling tired, all visitors can get refreshed after eating and drinking at the cuisine street 

B. Exhibitors from More Than 20 Countries Attracted to Changchun Folk Art Expo  

As an open, inclusive gala of folk culture around the world, Changchun Folk Art Expo serves as a stage for characterized folk handicrafts at home and abroad. Under the support and instruction by the Foreign (Overseas Chinese) Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Changchun City, more than 100 exhibitors from 20 plus countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Pakistan, India, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Nepal, Zambia, Libya, Ghana, Togo, Kenya, Mali, Zimbabwe, ROK and Japan came to attend the exposition. During the time, the 33-member delegation from Nigeria will participate in observation, exhibition and trade fair. The handicrafts from Pakistan and Thailand, Djembe and Burmite will be exhibited in the Pavilions 3 and 4 which will no doubt become an ideal option for the citizens who are eager to enjoy the passionate and cheerful rhythm of Djembe.  

C. Stage New Activities Including E-commerce Festival for Car Buyers and Antique Identifying  

In addition to appreciating well-made handicrafts and tasting delicious cuisines, the visitors can also participate in other wonderful activities such as antique identifying and auction, e-commerce festival for car buyers and looking for treasures scheduled to be held in Pavilion 5. On the back of each and every ticket there is a map for “looking for treasures”, any participant who is one of the first 1,000 who can have his or her ticket stamped with 13 seals will get an exquisite gift.  

This year is the Year of Dog according to traditional Chinese lunar calendar. In addition to the logo of Changchun Folk Art Expo, there is also a vivid zodiac image of the year on the ticket, making it worth collecting as a souvenir.