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Delegation of Shuangyang District Government Visits CCFAO


With the help of the Division of European Affairs of CCFAO, and on the basis of the cooperative project between Jilin General Machineries Co., Ltd. and its German counterpart, Shuangyang District, after rounds of friendly talks with Russelsheim, Raunheim and Kelsterbach, has planned to establish friendly and cooperative district and city relations and thus establish friendship district and city relationships with the aforementioned cities. Li Gang, Executive Deputy Chief of Suangyang District Government, and Zhao Wanjin, Director of Investment Attraction Department of Shuangyang District, visited Chen Li, Deputy Director General of CCFAO. Among the officials present at the meeting also included the representatives of the Division of European Affairs of CCFAO and Changchun Municipal People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. During the meeting, the delegation was introduced the procedures and affairs involved in the establishment of friendship district and city relations. Chen Li indicated that CCFAO would do the best as usual to support Shuangyang’s effort in establishing friendly relations with German counterparts, and explore more conditions and resources for cooperation with foreign countries. The delegation, on behalf of the People’s Government of Shuangyang District, extended their thanks to CCFAO for the active support CCFAO had given to Shuangyang District.