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General Duan Huaxu Meets Representative Shen Ji of CDB Hong Kong Branch


Duan Huaxu, Deputy Director General of Changchun Foreign Affairs Office (CCFAO) , had a meeting with Shen Ji, Deputy General Manager of the Business Department I of China Development Bank (CDB) Hong Kong Branch Tuesday morning on August 7, 2018. During the talks, Shen Ji introduced the CDB Hong Kong Branch, covering its cooperation mentality, support fields, overseas platforms, external advantages, intrinsic advantages and major business varieties especially the development of its businesses on serving and supporting strategic customers. Duan Huaxu extended his warm welcome to Shen’s visit and introduced the cooperation and exchanges Changchun City had carried out with Hong Kong in recent years especially the current financial cooperation between the two sides.  

By making use of the advantages of CDB Hong Kong Branch, CCFAO will provide better services to promote the development of local heavyweight state-owned enterprises and overseas enterprises of Changchun City.   

Yu Xiaoyun, Division Director of Hong Kong and Macau Affairs of CCFAO, also attended the meeting.