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FAW-VW Puts More Efforts into E-mobility, Intelligent Connectivity

FAW and VW (China) signed a memorandum of understanding after the China-Germany Auto Drive Show held in Berlin, Germany. The MOU is said to further promote the deepening of economic and trade cooperation between China and Germany, and consolidate the partnership between FAW and VW. The effort is meant to continue supplying from an around way solutions to intelligent mobility for customers.  

In line with the new cooperation framework, FAW and VW (China) will set up two joint ventures, providing solutions to battery charging infrastructure, battery charging service, household charging, public transportation and semi-public transportation charging, battery charging data service and recycling of batteries. In the meantime, the two sides will provide innovative intelligent connected service and top-notch digitalized customer experience service so as to provide from all-round way intelligent mobility solutions for customers and thus consolidate the partnership between the two sides.  

According to the leader of FAW, the signing of the MOU reflects FAW’s bravery and spirit of exploration for innovation. The far-reaching strategic planning on new energy and intelligent connectivity will help reinforce FAW’s leading position in intelligent mobility and consolidate its role in leading the development of the industry. The effort in meeting the pursuit of customers for good life, nice traffic will be continued. To achieve the goal, top-notch solutions will be provided to all customers. FAW will do the best as usual to undertake the historical mission of the automobile industry of China.  

As a joint venture of FAW and VW, FAW-VW has made remarkable achievements over the past 27 years. The MOU signed this time was said to have set the direction for the development of such fields as e-mobility and intelligent connectivity, marking that FAW-VW will not only explore and design in an extensive way in the field of battery charging but also contribute to push forward intelligent connectivity, consolidate its leading position in intelligent mobility and thus lead the development of the industry. 

On the basis of sincere cooperation of China-Germany stakeholders, FAW-VW will provide customers rich new energy products and more innovative mobility service.