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One Chain Ushers in List of Projects, 63 Quality Projects Settled in Changchun New Area within 6 Months

Inside the Beihu Sci-Tech Development Zone of Changchun New Area, tens of hundreds of workers are busy with the construction of three projects invested with RMB4 billion for Xinxin Agricultural Development Center.

“The business environment here is very good. It only took 46 days from submitting proposal to starting the construction. Changchun New Area has also provided project secretaries for us so we do not need to worry about the construction manuals,” said Wang Xuenan, President of Jilin Province Xinxin Agriculture Company Limited, adding, “The construction speed is beyond my imagination.”

“The Xinxin Agricultural Development Center is one of the representatives of rapid settlement for the projects we ushered in. By the end of June, Changchun New Area had 63 industrial projects signed and settled with a total investment of approximately RMB55 billion,” Zhou Guoxin, Director General of Commercial Bureau of Changchun New Area, adding, “Project-based development for Changchun New Area will not be changed, and more innovative efforts will be put into investment attraction. In the first half of this year alone, Changchun New Area organized 56 times of investment attraction activities at home and abroad, which led to the start of a series of projects including Changchun Aisa-1, Zhongguancun Sci-Tech Center, Xin Cheng Wu Yue Plaza and Changchun Baili Andersen Wonderland.”

“This year, we have attached importance to one chain for investment attraction. The chain refers to industrial chain,” Zhou Guoxin said, “Changchun New Area has now had ten industrial parks for auto and auto parts, top-end equipment manufacturing, biomedicine, optoelectronics and new building material. These industrial parks have strong carrying capacities, promising development future and sufficient target customers. Such advantage can attract leading enterprises, multinational companies of same sources and kinds to these industrial parks in Changchun New Area.”

In addition to targeting on industrial chain, Changchun New Area has also raised sense of establishing chains, complementing chains and consolidating chains in the course of investment attraction, thereby making one chain increasingly strong and attractive.

Changchun New Area was said to have planned to usher in 100 projects invested with RMB80 billion so as to make a breakthrough in project construction. To fulfill this goal, Changchun New Area has decided to set up investment attraction stations in other places, strengthen counterpart cooperation, and create new conditions and new business types for regional cooperation. In the meantime, investment environment optimization will be continued and have 20 measures for business environment implemented in place, build competitiveness of Changchun New Area in such aspects as talent and project introduction and create conditions for the settlement of more quality projects in Changchun New Area.