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Changchun Park Starts Collecting Old Pictures from the Public

According to the information released on June 26, Changchun Park will start collecting old pictures as an effort to promote the Lily Festival “Happy Changchun, Fragrant Lily” and thus serve to bring to mind the public’s beautiful memories about Changchun Park. The activity lasts from July 1 to 22, 2018.

The old pictures taken at Changchun Park (including the ones taken in the period of Xi’an Nursery) shall reflect the development and changes, record the fitness and entertaining activities or show the differences between the old and the new of the park.

For participation, descriptions about the pictures (50 words or above), including the information about the time, the places and names of the people who took the pictures, are necessary. The authenticity of all described contents shall be ensured.

The digital formats of originals or the remade ones, the scanned, black-and-white or colored, group pictures or single ones (no size limitation) are all welcomed. All submitted pictures shall not infringe others’ copyrights, rights of reputation and/or portrait. The consequences, if there was any, shall be assumed by the providers accordingly. All submitted pictures shall be deemed as the ones with authorization granted to Changchun Park for use of publicity and exhibition, while extra remunerations in this regard shall no longer be provided.

The names, addresses and contact information of contributors shall be provided.

For online participation, please contact Ouyang Xiaoxia and email to, with key words “Old Pictures of Changchun Park”. The pictures can also be sent directly to the Customers Center of Changchun Park.

Relevant Information:

Changchun Park is situated in Lvyuan District of Changchun City, covering an area of 66 hectares. Formerly known as the No.2 Nursery of Changchun City (or called Xi’an Nursery), it is affiliated to Changchun Municipal Bureau of Gardening and Greening.

Due to sewage, rainfalls or dumps of garbage, the environment was really bad before, and weeds, sewage, garbage could be seen everywhere inside the park. In 1999, thanks to the key decision made by Changchun Municipal People’s Government on improving residential surroundings, the park was reconstructed. In September 2000, it was named Changchun Park and opened free to the public.