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19 Agricultural Projects worth RMB4.2bn Signed

To implement the new round revitalization of Northeast China, promote the cooperation between Changchun and Hangzhou, strengthen agricultural interactions between the two cities and speed up the construction of a demonstration city for modern agriculture and green, organic agriculture, Changchun organized a promotional conference and symposium for the promotion and investment attraction of quality agricultural projects and products in Hangzhou on June 6, 2018. In line with governments to guide, enterprises as entities and market operation, the two places have established strategic cooperative relations at government, department and enterprise levels, thereby having cooperation moved up to a new stage.

Changchun has conspicuous resource advantages and the quality of local agricultural products is outstanding. Hangzhou has a huge consumption market and developed e-commerce. How to have the advantages of the two cities supplemented to each other for win-win results has long been known as a task worth study at deep level for the governments of the two sides.

During the conference, 19 agricultural projects worth RMB4.26 billion were signed, making more quality agricultural products of Changchun rooted in Hangzhou from which the agricultural brands of Changchun can reach out to other places of the country by making use of the e-commerce platform.